Bren Esports Explains Why They Banned Diggie in the Grand Finals

Bren Esports Explains Why They Banned Diggie in the Grand Finals

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  • The M2 World Championships ended with Bren Esports as the champions.
  • Over the course of the grand finals, Bren Esports prioritized banning Diggie in all of the matches.
  • Bren Esports explained how much of a nuisance Diggie is to fight against so they prioritized the hero in the banning phase to prevent problems.

The M2 World Championship finally concluded with an intense battle that ended in a  4-3 victory in the Grand Finals for Bren Esports against Burmese Ghouls. The Filipino team walked away with $140,000 USD in prize money along with its very own skin with the team’s branding on a hero of its choice.

After the tournament, the champions explained why Diggie just had to be prioritized for the bans in the tournament’s Grand Finals.

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Why Bren Esports banned Diggie in the Grand Finals

The Grand Finals of the M2 World Championship was quite the stellar affair with a back and forth BO7 series.

One of the more interesting things that happened in the drafts of BO7 Grand Finals was that Diggie never left the ban list on Bren Esport’s side. It was clearly not an inside joke but rather a strategic approach to prevent casualties. After the tournament concluded the team revealed their reason why they kept banning Diggie.

Bren Esports' coach Ducky explained this decision by stating:

“We’ve had a bad history with Diggie. Since MPL Season 6, they’ve been using the Feeding Diggie Strat. We developed PTSD against the hero. Because he was just so frustrating to play against, Burmese Ghouls actually showed a formal way to play it, and they’re really strong with it. So, it is very important for us to ban this Diggie because it seems that they really prepared this hero."

Bren Esports Explains Why They Banned Diggie in the Grand Finals
Credits: Moonton

MayBe, Burmese Ghouls’ support,  showed impressive Diggie gameplay in a competitive match and took down Bren Esports during the playoffs, sending them to the Lower Brackets. This goes to show how much of a headache Diggie actually is for Bren Esports. 

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This is Bren Esport’s biggest win yet in the MLBB esports scene. Needless to say, this won’t be the last. It will be interesting to see if the Filipino team carries forward this strategy of banning Diggie in future tournaments.

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