Star Guardian Skins Are Now Available in Wild Rift


Star Guardian Skins Are Now Available in Wild Rift

John Dave Rossel
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  • Riot Games released the first batch of Star Guardian skins in Wild Rift. The released skins are for Jinx, Lulu, Janna, Lux and Ezreal.
  • The Star Guardian skin line was so popular that a game mode was released in the PC version based on the skin line called "Invasion."
  • Riot Games has yet to confirm whether the Invasion game mode will make it to Wild Rift someday but fans are eagerly waiting for that game mode.

As revealed in the Season 2021 opening live stream, Riot Games has brought out one of Wild Rift’s most popular skin lines, the Star Guardians. It has just released the first batch of Star Guardians skins for Jinx, Janna, Lux, Lulu, and Ezreal. 

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Star Guardians Shine Bright in Wild Rift

Wild Rift’s official Twitter page posted an image of the Star Guardians with the caption “The Stars are Calling.” This hyped up the fans as one of their favorite skin lines has already made its way to Wild Rift. 

The first batch of Star Guardians skins came to Wild Rift with a few extra animations and special effects that the PC version doesn’t have. This made the skins much more adorable for the fans. Each skin’s rarity is similar to the PC version, with Jinx as the Legendary grade and the rest being the Epic grade.

What are the Star Guardians

League of Legends PC fans will be very familiar with this skin. The Star Guardians skin line is arguably one of the most popular skin lines in the game franchise due to its adorable and colorful nature resembling the anime ‘Sailor Moon’. 

The Star Guardian lore has come so far with three batches of skins released in the PC version. The first batch is coming to Wild Rift with Star Guardian Jinx as the Legendary grade skin.

The skin was so widely popular that a game mode was launched in the PC version when the skin line’s second and third batch was released. This game mode was called “Invasion” where players took on the Star Guardians’ role on a five-player co-op battle and fought cosmic invaders to keep the world at peace. 

Invasion Game Mode | Credits: Riot Games

It is still uncertain whether this event will make its way to Wild Rift, but fans are looking forward to playing this game mode on their mobile devices someday. 

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Riot Games must have something in mind when they released the Star Guardians. The fans agreed that the Invasion game mode would work perfectly on mobile. Could they be planning on adding this game mode as a limited-time event in the future? Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming news for Wild Rift.

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