The Yordle Gunner, Tristana is Now Available in Wild Rift

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  • Tristana is now available in Wild Rift along with two new skins, Little Demon Tristana and Guerilla Tristana.
  • Tristana is a marksman champion common played in Dragon lane. Her skill revolves around shooting enemies very fast until they explode.
  • Three out of five champions have been released over the course of the Yordle Expedition Event.

The Yordle Expedition Event is currently ongoing in Wild Rift. The expedition has now made it into Bilgewater where we get to meet one of the yordle champions, Tristana. She is the third champion to be released during the event and is now available in the shop, along with two new skins.

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Who is Tristana in Wild Rift

Tristana is a marksman mostly played in the Dragon Lane. Fans of the PC version will be happy to know that Tristana’s skills are untouched and will remain similar to the PC version. If players are familiar with League of Legends PC, they would understand that Tristana packs something bigger than his size.

Tristana’s passive skill, Draw a Bead, allows her to gain more attack range at each level. This is pretty useful on long matches where everyone has a chance to reach the maximum level. It’s almost impossible to get near her if you play melee champions. 

Her first skill, Rapid Fire, boosts her attack speed by 30%. Using this she could shred through enemy turrets with ease with the right items.

Her second skill, Rocket Jump, allows her to leap to a certain distance. If she lands on enemies, they are slowed for a while and take magic damage. The cooldown resets upon enemy kills, assists, or fully stacking your explosive charges. This skill is mainly used to engage or disengage in fights. Take note that this is your only escape tool, so use it wisely. 

Her third skill, Explosive Charge, has a passive and active effect;

  • The passive effect is that enemies killed by her attacks will explode, dealing AoE damage to nearby enemies. This makes her wave clearing super fast and effective.
  • The active effect places a bomb on an enemy or turret. These bombs can be amplified to deal more damage by simply attacking the enemy that is carrying the bomb. Each attack increases the bomb’s damage by 30%, and it can stack up to 4 times for a total of 120% increased damage. 

Finally, her ultimate skill, Buster Shot, fires a massive cannonball to deal with massive magic damage and knocking the enemy back. This is useful if you want to push enemies away from their safe spot or to finish them off when they are low on health. 

Skins Released

Tristana also came with two new skins in Wild Rift, the Little Demon Tristana and Guerilla Tristana. 

The Little Demon Tristana is the best skin for her, which features cute and tiny demon and angel Teemos as extra effects on her skin.

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Three champions have been released throughout the Yordle Expedition Event in Wild Rift. Corki is coming next and will be unlocked on Jan. 19, 2021. Don’t miss this opportunity to receive in-game items and a champion chest that allows you to choose one of the five new yordle champions in Wild Rift.

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