CODM: Attack of the Undead 20 Player Mode is Currently in the Works


CODM: Attack of the Undead 20 Player Mode is Currently in the Works

John Dave Rossel
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  • Activision released a Public Test Build which featured a new game mode, Attack of the Undead 20.
  • The latest Public Test Build contains technical improvements for the game along with the new game mode.
  • The new game mode is the upgraded version of Attack of the Undead where a total of 20 players will participate in a match.

Activision is showing off their innovative minds by releasing new and exciting game modes in their popular game, Call of Duty: Mobile (CODM). Recently, they released ‘The Grind’ game mode, which kept players coming back to the game for one more round. This time, they are preparing to step up their game by releasing an upgraded version of their previous game mode, Attack of the Undead.

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CODM Attack of the Undead 20

COD Mobile released the Public Test Build on Jan. 11, which allowed a maximum of 5000 players to play on the server and test the new contents. 

The current test build is more focused on the technical aspects of the game rather than new content. This is to ensure that the next official update will go smoothly with lesser to no in-game bugs. 

Along with the small technical improvements in the game, a new game mode has been added which is an upgraded version of the previous game mode of the same name, the Attack of the Undead 20. 

CODM: Attack of the Undead 20 Player Mode is Currently in the Works
Credits: Activision

This upcoming game mode has been released for testing in the January 11th Public Test Build for CODM. This new game mode is an amplified version of the previous Attack of the Undead game mode. The number of players participating in the match is increased by 20, meaning there will be more chaos than ever before.

What is the Attack of the Undead Game Mode

The previous version of this game mode allows a total of ten players per match. Ten seconds after the match starts, one player will randomly be chosen as the undead and will have to infect or turn the remaining players into the undead. The first undead player is allowed to use their gun to get their first kill. Afterward, they must use melee weapons to infect other players.

The goal of the survivors is to eliminate the undead and hold out until the timer runs. Even if the undead can resurrect infinitely, players will gain points for each kill they make. The player with the most kills from both being a survivor and the undead wins the match. 

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This is the closest we’ve gotten so far for a zombie mode in CODM. This excited the fans who miss these kinds of game modes and are eagerly waiting for the final release.

Stay tuned for more updates regarding the upcoming content in CODM. 

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