The Yordle Ninja, Kennen, is Now Available in Wild Rift

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  • Kennen is now available in Wild Rift along with 4 new skins in the shop.
  • Kennen is a mage champion commonly played in top or mid lane. His skills revolve around hitting enemies 3 times to stun them.
  • Three more champions will soon be released in the Yordle Expedition Event.

The Yordle Expedition event is currently ongoing in Wild Rift. During the event, five new yordle champions will reveal themselves in specific regions across Runeterra. The support champion Lulu was first announced in Freljord. After unlocking the region of Ionia, Kennen is available in the game and can be unlocked in the shop. 

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Who is Kennen in Wild Rift?

The Heart of the Tempest, Kennen, is a mage champion mostly played at the top or mid lane. He is the second champion to be revealed in the yordle expedition event. Fans of the champion will be happy to know that the skills of Kennen are barely changed in Wild Rift. Players can play him the way he works in League of Legends PC. 

Kennen’s passive, Mark of the Storm, allows him to stun enemies after hitting them with three skills. This is useful against champions who have very high mobility to keep them from running away like Vayne and Lee Sin. 

His first skill, Thundering Shuriken, deals a burst of damage and adding a stack of Mark of the Storm to the enemy it hits. 

His second skill allows him to passively deal extra magic damage and adding Mark of the Storm stacks to his targets every few attacks. Kennen can cast this skill to deal with a burst of damage to enemies with Mark of the Storm. 

His third skill allows him to gain a movement speed buff and move through units unhindered as he marks enemies he passes through with Mark of the Storm. After the duration of the skill, Kennen gains extra attack speed. 

His ultimate is quite simple yet deadly. This allows Kennen to summon a thunderstorm around him that strikes nearby enemy champions.

Skins Released

Along with Kennen’s release, there are four new skins released alongside the new champion. 

Two of these new skins are for Kennen, while the other two are for Amumu and Varus. Here is the list of recent skins released;

  • Sad Robot Amumu
  • Arctic Ops Kennen
  • Super Kennen
  • Arclight Varus

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Two champions have already been revealed in the Yordle Expedition event. Don’t miss out on Wild Rift’s new event, the Yordle Expedition, and claim exciting rewards, including one yordle champion of your choice. 

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