How to get M4A1 - Genos in Free Fire


How to get M4A1 - Genos in Free Fire

John Dave Rossel
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  • Free Fire released the event exclusive M4A1 - Genos gun skin in the Lucky Royale.
  • The futuristic gun skin packs a very high rate of fire at the cost of lesser magazine rounds.
  • The gun skin can be obtained by spending 40 diamonds per spin in the lucky royale. You can opt to spin 10 times for 400 diamonds and get one spin for free.

The One Punch Man collaboration event is currently ongoing. The event offers a ton of in-game content and rewards for players who participate. In line with the ongoing event, Garena has released a new gun skin called M4A1 - Genos. Here is how you can obtain this cool-looking gun in Free Fire. 

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Free Fire Releases M4A1 - Genos

The M4A1-Genos is a gun skin for M4A1 that packs a very high rate of fire at the cost of lesser magazine rounds. The gun sports a futuristic, metallic texture similar to the metallic alloy that the One Punch Man character, Genos, possesses. It looks stunning, with yellow led lights glowing around the weapon.  

Credits: Garena

Players can obtain this gun in the Lucky Royale spin. Players can spend diamonds for a chance to own this unique gun skin.

How to Get the M4A1 - Genos Gun Skin

Players can obtain the new M4A1 - Genos gun skin by spending diamonds in the Lucky Royale Spin. Each spin cost 40 diamonds. Players can opt to spend 400 diamonds to spin ten times to get an additional spin for free. 

Credits: Garena

Besides the grand prize, you can obtain various prizes in the Lucky Royale, including a trial version of the M4A1 - Genos. The trial gun will last for 24 hours and will disappear when it expires. 

Players will acquire lucky points every time they spin in the Lucky Royale. Once they reach 99 lucky points, they are guaranteed to obtain the M4A1 - Genos gun skin on their next spin. The lucky points reset once you receive the featured weapon skin.

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This new gun skin is an exclusive event skin and might not be available after the event ends. Don’t miss this opportunity to obtain one of the coolest and rarest gun skins in Free Fire. 

The One Punch Man collaboration event in Free Fire is just getting started. Hop into the game and participate to obtain these event-exclusive items.

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