PUBG Mobile Might Get New 'Among Us' Themed Game Mode in the Future

PUBG Mobile Might Get New 'Among Us' Themed Game Mode in the Future

John Dave Rossel
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  • A new game mode has been released in the Chinese server, Peacekeeper Elite, which is similar to the Among Us video game.
  • The new game mode has two factions, the Special Forces who will try to fix the underground base and the Ghosts who will sabotage the base and kill every Special Force members.
  • The game mode is still in its testing phase so changes might happen until the final release of the new game mode.

PUBG Mobile is no stranger to new game modes with recent collaborations with titles like Metro: Exodus bringing in all-new game modes with a variety of exciting features and offering fans an escape from the same monotonous Battle Royale gameplay.

Among Us has been one of the most popular games in recent times, with the game taking over streaming platforms and enjoying a massive fan base. It looks like PUBG Mobile has taken notice of this phenomenon and has attempted to replicate it, in its own style in the Chinese version of the game: Peacekeeper Elite.

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PUBG Mobile x Among Us Game Mode

This new game mode was leaked by LuckyMan, a YouTuber who got a chance to test out the new contents in the Beta Test Servers of Peacekeeper Elite (also known as Game for Peace). The new game mode is titled “Who is the Ghost” and will be played on a new map called “Inner Ghost.” 

Credits: LuckyMan YouTube

In this game mode, players are divided into 2 factions, the Special Forces and the Ghost. Similar to Among Us, the Special Forces will complete tasks in order to make progress while the Ghost will act as the impostor and kill every Special Force member without getting caught before they finish with all of their tasks.

Credits: LuckyMan YouTube

The map has six rooms with each room serving its own functions and tasks. The meeting hall is the biggest room on the map where players will meet up and discuss their plans or if someone has a lead on who is the killer. 

The tasks are quite similar to the tasks found in Among Us like fixing wires and aligning pipes. 

Credits: LuckyMan YouTube

Based on the video, the Ghosts have the option to sabotage certain devices like the electricals where players need to rush on to certain locations to fix them before the timer runs out. 

Credits: LuckyMan YouTube

The new game mode is still in its beta phase. This isn’t confirmed to be a collaboration event or just a new concept for PUBG Mobile, changes might happen in the near future. 

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For now, PUBG Mobile players will have to play the Runic Power and Power Armor Game Mode which are scheduled to release with Patch 1.2 on January 12th.

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