MLBB Releases M2 World Championship Theme Song "Immortal Hero"


MLBB Releases M2 World Championship Theme Song "Immortal Hero"

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  • Moonton collaborated with The Filthy Souls to make a theme song for the MLBB M2 World Championships.
  • The Filthy Souls is a British indie-rock band famous for their song "Boys Will Be For A Fight".
  • The M2 World Championship will start on Jan. 18, 2021 along with in-game events for players to participate in.

The M2 World Championship is getting close to kick off. The participating teams are currently preparing for one of the very first esports events for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang of 2021. To ignite the flame some more, Moonton has collaborated with the indie-rock band, The Filthy Souls, to release a theme song for the tournament titled “Immortal Hero.”

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MLBB “Immortal Hero” Music Video

The official YouTube channel of MLBB posted a music video that premiered on Jan 11, 2021. The music video was released for the upcoming M2 World Championship. The music video feature montage of the participating esports teams as clips of their greatest moments in esports events flashes on the screen. 

Behind the “Immortal Hero” Soundtrack

The Filthy Souls is a British indie-rock band that makes various rock and pop music.  The band has featured on popular TV shows like Baywatch and X-men Dark Phoenix. Their debut album, “Boys Will Be for a Fight,” scored a #1 single for 10 whole weeks on KROQ 106.7, a popular radio station in California, in the Locals Only Playlist category.

MLBB Releases M2 World Championship Theme Song "Immortal Hero"

In collaboration with Moonton, the band released a new soundtrack which will be used as the theme song for the M2 World Championship. 

The band’s vocalist, Dave Green, delivers his creative energy giving a vibe that ignites every MLBB player’s passion in pursuing what they want and reach new heights. 

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The upcoming M2 World Championships will commence on Jan. 18, 2021. Moonton will also host in-game events for players to enjoy as they follow their favorite esports teams on a journey to one of the biggest MLBB esports tournaments in 2021. 

Stay tuned for more information regarding the upcoming M2 World Championship and the in-game events following the tournament. 

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