Top 5 Differences Between Wild Rift and Mobile Legends

Top 5 Differences Between Wild Rift and Mobile Legends

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  • Wild Rift and MLBB may be of similar genre but they each have their own unique mechanics.
  • Both games aim to deliver entertaining content for their designated fans.
  • These are the top 5 most interesting differences between Wild Rift and MLBB.

As two excellent MOBA titles, Wild Rift and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang have their own unique characteristics that made their fans enjoy them. There may be slight similarities between the two games, but there are undoubtedly many differences that make the two mobile games unique and creative. Here are the most noteworthy differences between the two popular mobile MOBA games. 

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Runes and Emblems

Wild Rift gives players the freedom to customize their Rune Pages depending on their playstyle. The topmost rune is called a keystone. You can choose only one keystone while choosing up to 3 regular runes to build your rune page. 

Top 5 Differences Between Wild Rift and Mobile Legends
All Available Runes and Keystones in Wild Rift

MLBB’s emblem system requires a bit of grinding. But that doesn’t make it less charming than Wild Rift’s rune system. The fact that you have to grind your way to maxing out your emblem stats makes the journey all worthwhile and rewarding for players. On top of the emblems, players can also customize their talent trees to give their heroes extra stats and a unique passive depending on their playstyle. 

Top 5 Differences Between Wild Rift and Mobile Legends
MLBB Emblem and Talent System

Gold Farming

In Wild Rift, you actually get punished for not last hitting, unless your role is support who can get by despite not last hitting. You can gain gold passively in Wild RIft, but you don’t gain gold from dead minions killed by other players or ally minions. You have to last hit enemy minions to gain gold from them. Lane management is so crucial in Wild Rift that there is actually a last hit indicator that activates when there is a good opportunity to last hit a minion. 

Top 5 Differences Between Wild Rift and Mobile Legends
Last Hit Indicator in Wild Rift

A common misconception is that you don’t need to last hit minions in MLBB because you gain gold just by being close to enemy minions who died. You indeed gain gold just being near a minion, but you gain bonus gold and exp by actually last-hitting them. This gives you an advantage against players who don’t last hit minions and aim to just clear waves. 

Trinkets and Sweepers

The map in Wild RIft is covered in thick darkness they call “fog of war.” This is where the trinkets are used. These trinkets act as wards that light up a small portion of the area where it is placed. When placed strategically, players can spot enemy activity and ganks in advance, allowing them to respond accordingly. Players can also use a sweeper/oracle lense to spot invisible trinkets in a small area to remove them. Sweeper/oracle lenses can also spot invisible units, preventing sneak attacks. 

Top 5 Differences Between Wild Rift and Mobile Legends
Warding Trinket and Oracle Lens

In MLBB, there are no trinkets or sweeper/oracle lenses. Players will have to explore a certain area to spot enemies. This is why the Feeding Diggie strategy was born in professional esports. The Feeding Diggie strategy uses the hero Diggie as a roaming ward to spy on enemy movements and increase enemy bounty.

Here is a short explanation about the Feeding Diggie strategy

Buying Items

In Wild Rift, learning when to head back to base and reset your minion wave is very important. First, it ensures that you don’t lose much gold while you’re away from your lane and not farming, and second, because you can’t buy items while outside your base. You can only purchase items or switch trinkets/oracles while you’re in the base.

Top 5 Differences Between Wild Rift and Mobile Legends
Unable to Buy Items Outside the Base

In MLBB, you are free to purchase items anywhere you are on the map. You don’t have to recall back to base unless you want to escape enemy ganks or heal faster in your base’s fountain. This makes the game much more fast-paced with lesser downtime since heroes need not head back to base to buy items. Therefore, they can just defend their lane and farm indefinitely.

Lane Roles

Riot Games have always been keeping the status quo of their popular MOBA game, League of Legends. This also applies in Wild Rift. The game has four specific roles, The Baron/Top Lane, Jungle Lane, Mid Lane, and Dragon/Bot Lane. One who can fend for himself in Baron lane, a player who can easily farm fast and gank lanes for the jungle lane, an assassin or mage in Mid lane, and a support partnered with a marksman for Dragon lane. This has always been the norm for the game, especially in the PC counterpart. Riot Games has been very careful not to ruin this ever since the game launched. 

Top 5 Differences Between Wild Rift and Mobile Legends
Dragon Lane Indicator

In MLBB, there is no specific role or lane for champions. Your creativity will have to coexist with your strategy. The match can have one player in Top, three players in Mid lane, and one player in Bot, leaving no one to occupy the jungle lane. The possibilities are endless every match. This kind of freedom makes the game all more diverse and can be fun for people who just want to be creative in how they play the game. 

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The differences between these two amazing MOBA titles doesn't make any of them superior to the other. Both mobile games have their own charm that their designated fans enjoy.

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