Wild Rift: A Bug Allowing Akali to Stay Invisible While Doing Recall


Wild Rift: A Bug Allowing Akali to Stay Invisible While Doing Recall

John Dave Rossel
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  • A recent bug has been discovered allowing Akali to stay invisible while doing a recall.
  • This bug only works when the K/DA Akali skin is equipped.
  • Bug abuse should be reported to Riot Games as it can get player banned if abused.

Riot Games has been doing its best in polishing its latest mobile game, Wild Rift. Considering the fact that it is currently in Beta, there are a ton of bugs with the game, some of which are game-breaking. Recently, one such bug regarding Akali’s K/DA skin has been discovered. 

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Wild Rift K/DA Akali Recall Animation Bug

Recently a reddit post recreating a bug that is borderline Pay2Win, has been posted by a user named “mja082.”. When Akali has equipped her K/DA skin, the bug allows the champion to stay invisible during recall as long as she is within the range of her second skill, Twilight Shroud. The way recall works is that it will reveal the champion during recall. The only exception is when the champion is hiding in a brush.

According to the user, this does not apply when the default skin is equipped.

This sparked concern for players as Akali is already quite a strong champion in Wild Rift. This bug has made her even harder to take down if players should abuse this bug. Typically, skins don't give players an advantage in the game other than purely for cosmetic reasons.

Who is Akali in Wild Rift

Credits: Riot Games

Akali is a melee assassin in Wild Rift. Commonly played in the middle lane, she can lock onto enemies and dash on to them to deal huge amounts of magic damage. She has good mobility allowing her to chase enemies or run away from sticky situations. Her second skill, Twilight Shroud, will enable her to be invisible while within the skill’s range until she attacks or gets hit with enemy attacks.

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Players should note that Riot Games take bug abuse seriously. Players can get banned if they are proven to abuse in-game bugs. If players happen to encounter game-breaking bugs, they should file a report to the official website and let Riot Games handle the rest. 

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