Top 5 Mobile Game Collaborations in 2020

Top 5 Mobile Game Collaborations in 2020

John Dave Rossel
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  • 2020 has been great for mobile gaming.
  • Collaborations make the game all more enjoyable. This have been proven by popular games such as PUBG Mobile and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.
  • In this article, we take a look at the 5 most memorable collaborations from mobile games of 2020.

2020 has been a significant year for mobile gaming. Lots of people sought entertainment through mobile games and esports when the pandemic started. This led to a surge of people jumping into mobile gaming. Along with the influx of gamers joining into the mobile trend, came mobile game collaborations from different famous celebrities and entertainment media. To celebrate and welcome the new year, let’s take a look at five of the most memorable collaborations for mobile esports gaming in 2020.

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Arena of Valor x Sword Art Online

The anime culture is indeed a big one. A lot of gamers are also avid fans of anime. With this in mind, Tencent made a brilliant idea of collaborating their mobile game Arena of Valor (AOV) with one of the most popular anime, Sword Art Online (SAO). 

Last June, the collaboration was announced and featured two new skins, the “Black Swordsman Kirito” for Allain and “Asuna’s Lightning Flash” for Butterfly. This sparked joy in all anime fans who also play AOV. Needless to say, the collaboration was a success.

This collaboration was met with an overwhelmingly positive response, which caused both the companies to team up once again.

This time, the collaboration featured SAO’s 4th story arc, Alicization - War of Underworld. The second part of the collaboration featured Kirito in his Alicization arc attire along with Asuna’s Stacia attire from the 4th story arc. It also featured more emojis, profile icons, and even dance animations. 

PUBG Mobile x Blackpink

Who would’ve thought K-pop and Battle Royale could match perfectly? This surprising collaboration was announced last September and was well-received by PUBG Mobile fans and k-pop fans alike. 

PUBG Mobile is no stranger to collaborations with celebrities, but this was their first collaboration with k-pop idols. 

The collaboration features special missions to earn points. By earning enough points, players will have a chance to win permanent in-game outfits like the panda suit and killer cadet set. 

PUBG Mobile x Metro Exodus

Right after the collaboration with Blackpink, the game collaborated with the popular video game Metro Exodus. The partnership brought the game mode called Metro Royale.  The Metro Royale game mode was a different kind of battle royale. But it ended up being a hit with PUBG Mobile fans who were quite receptive to the new mode.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang x King of Fighters

If you’re a fan of arcade games, then you’re probably familiar with King of Fighters (KOF). It’s an arcade fighting game similar to the popular titles Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter. 

MLBB collaborated with KOF last 2019 to deliver 3 of its iconic characters into the world of Mobile Legends. The skins were “Athena Asamiya” for Guinevere, “Iori Yagami” for Chou,  and “Leona” for Karina. 

The new skins offer new attack animations and voice lines, making it worth it for players who acquired the skins. 

This year, due to the collaboration’s massive success. Moonton has released the next wave of KOF skins for MLBB players to collect. This time, the skins “Kula Diamond” for Aurora, “Orochi Chris” for Dyrroth, and “K” for Guison. 

Based on recent surveys done by Moonton, the skins might not make a comeback as they are currently focusing on new collaborations, specifically virtual idols and vTubers. 

Free Fire x Cristiano Ronaldo

The Operation Chrono update is one of the most anticipated updates for Free Fire. This update delivered a lot of exciting content for the game, including a new character named Chrono. This new character is based on the popular football star Cristiano Ronaldo. The collaboration delivered a ton of new content, including new game modes, new skin bundles, weapons, and many more. 

Garena Free Fire built a whole new universe centered around Cristiano Ronaldo’s character. The theme is a futuristic cyberpunk world where neon lights and floating vehicles are the norms. 

The event was so big that it lasted for almost a month. The event features the Cosmic Racer game mode, where players ride floating bikes across the battlefield, and the Chosen One game mode, where they fight as a team and earn points by killing the opposing team.

The event ended in flying colors. The fans enjoyed the collaboration event. Garena has released a short animation on YouTube featuring the football superstar, Cristiano Ronaldo, to celebrate its success.

Another collaboration is on the way for Free Fire. This time, they will collaborate with the popular anime, One Punch Man. Garena hasn’t posted further information regarding the collaboration, but it is expected to go live in January 2021.

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2020 has been a great year for mobile gaming. We can expect more fun and exciting collaborations from these popular mobile game titles next year. 

John is a mobile esports writer for AFK Gaming that specializes in Wild Rift and Mobile Legends, whilst also maintaining an overview of the Free Fire, COD Mobile and PUBG Mobile esports scenes.