Free Fire Announced their First Elite Pass for 2021


Free Fire Announced their First Elite Pass for 2021

John Dave Rossel
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  • Free Fire annouced their upcoming Elite Pass for next year called Specter Squad.
  • Pre-ordering the Elite Pass rewards players with the Specter Heart Grenade.
  • The new Elite Pass features two new skin bundles, and a weapon skin for Thompson.

Garena has been planning a lot of promising content next year for their popular game, Free Fire. One of the upcoming contents they announced is the Specter Squad Elite Pass. This will be the very first Elite Pass to be released for 2021. Here is what we know about the next Elite Pass for Free Fire.

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New Elite Pass for Free Fire

The official Twitter of Free Fire has announced their upcoming Elite Pass. Players will also receive a Specter Heart Grenade if they preorder the upcoming Elite Pass. The preorder event is currently live in the game.

The new Elite Pass features a ghostly theme. Players are sent to a future overrun by specters. In there, you get to meet Enid and Huge, the two main protagonists of the story. The player will accompany the two characters in eliminating all evil spectres who threatens to destroy the world. 

Purchasing the premium Elite Pass will allow players to earn several new rewards. The grand prizes for progressing through the Elite Pass are the Necromano and the Necromina package. These skin packages contain outfits that are worn by the two protagonists Enid and Huge.

The new Elite Pass also offers new ghost-themed items like the Specter Squad Thompson weapon skin, Ghost Trapper Backpack, Specter Squad Surfboard, and the Ghost Gamers Loot Box. 

The devs stated that they took inspiration from the punk culture, such as spiked outfits mixed with green and purple ghostly effect, to deliver these cool-looking skins for the players. 

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Garena will also be launching a website that will let players dive into the new Elite Pass story. The contents will include information about the characters, the storyline, and a cinematic video. A short trailer has also been released for the new Elite Pass. 

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