MLBB Will Reveal Next Year Contents in their New Year's Eve Party Live Stream

John Dave Rossel
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  • MLBB will a new year's eve live stream in-game to welcome 2021.
  • The live stream will feature popular MLBB celebrities and content creators.
  • Future plans and events for the game will also be revealed in the live stream.

2020 is almost at its conclusion. Needless to say, this year has been good for Moonton and their popular game, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB). To celebrate and welcome 2021, a new year’s eve party live stream will be held in-game where Moonton will reveal their plans for next year.

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MLBB New Year’s Eve Party Live Stream Announcement

The official twitter page of the game has posted an announcement about an upcoming in-game live stream. To welcome the new year, Moonton has prepared a new year’s eve live stream on Dec. 31, 2020. The live stream will be available in-game for everyone to watch. 

The live stream features a dance-off between two teams. The team members are yet to be announced.

The live stream will also be showcasing a montage of the most memorable moments for the game, this year. This is probably a highlight of MLBB esports events and the achievements the game has achieved for this year. 

They also hinted at an orchestra live show in the live stream and new years wishes from MLBB's popular content creators and celebrities. 

What is most notable is that they will also be revealing to the viewers their plans for next year. This might confirm some of the leaks and rumours that have been circulating around the community. 

Unconfirmed Leaks

Various leaks from data miners have been spreading across the community. Moon is yet to confirm these leaks. The new year’s eve party live stream might shed some light regarding these leaks.

An M2 Tournament Pass was revealed by the leakers these past few weeks on the advanced server. The tournament pass rewards players with in-game loots and maybe a free skin at the end of the tournament. It might change once it gets released in the regular servers.

Rumours have also been spreading that Paquito will make his debut next year, early January. Paquito has been in the advanced server for a while now, and it might be his time to be released next year in January. Paquito recently received a new artwork in the advanced server.

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