Wild Rift Might Have a Battle Pass in the Future

Wild Rift Might Have a Battle Pass in the Future

John Dave Rossel
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  • Wild Rift Battle Pass system leaked.
  • The leak came from the Chinese closed beta testing of Wild RIft.
  • Intimacy system is leaked. Allows players to show their relationship with eachother.

Battle Passes are already a norm in a lot of video games. Battle Passes incentivize players by simply playing the game. During the closed beta testing of Wild Rift, a battle pass feature was revealed in the Chinese server. The feature was later removed in the open beta. This feature might make a comeback in the future. 

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Wild Rift Battle Pass Features

The battle pass feature was first seen by players who gained access to the closed beta test of the game. Canserole, a data miner for Wild Rift, leaked a screenshot of what appears to be a battle pass feature in Wild Rift. 

According to these leaks, there will be two versions of the battle pass, the Silver and Gold version. The silver is the free battle pass containing basic loots like motes, or champion chests. The Gold battle pass is the premium version, possibly containing exclusive champion skins. The further you progress in the battle pass, the more prizes you get. 

Wild Rift Might Have a Battle Pass in the Future
Credits: Canserole YouTube

Some of the items you might obtain in the battle pass are as follows:

  • Skins
  • Champion Chests
  • Champion Skin Chests
  • Blue Motes
  • Emotes
  • Icons and/or borders
  • Poro Coins
  • Champion Poses

This might be similar to the League of Legends PC in China. Joe Fenny, a popular League of Legends shoutcaster, tweeted an image of the Chinese server’s battle pass system. Wild Rift might have a similar structure for their battle pass system. 

The Intimacy System

Aside from the leaked battle pass system, another new system was also revealed, the Intimacy System. This feature allows two players to have an identical icon next to their champion portraits, which indicates their level of intimacy towards each other.

Wild Rift Might Have a Battle Pass in the Future
Credits: Canserole YouTube

The leveling system for this feature is still unknown, but it is speculated that you gain intimacy points by playing together or gifting skins to each other. 

After unlocking intimacy, players can choose a title that they can share with each other. This title will showcase their relationship. 

The titles available are:

  • Couple
  • Brotherhood
  • Sisterhood
Wild Rift Might Have a Battle Pass in the Future
Icons for each Intimacy Title | Credits: Canserole YouTube

More titles might be added when this feature comes in the future. This would be perfect for couples or players who play with their best friends to showcase how close they are to each other as they fight in the Rift. 

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Riot Games have yet to confirm these features for Wild Rift. As they said in their blogs and interviews, they are prioritizing polishing the game and prepare it for the final release. 

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