Wild Rift's Ranked Season Is Coming To An End Soon

Wild Rift's Ranked Season Is Coming To An End Soon

John Dave Rossel
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  • Ranked Season 0 for Wild Rift is coming to a close.
  • Season rewards have been revealed.
  • Victorious skins will be available next ranked season.

Wild Rift started their very first ranked season in October 2020. Riot Games mentioned that this was Rank Season Zero and that they planned on using this season to polish the game’s ranked mode. They also confirmed that they would officially start Ranked Season One next year. 

The current ranked season is finally coming close to its conclusion. Here are the things to look forward to after the season ends.

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Wild Rift Ranked Season End Details

Based on the PC counterpart of Wild Rift, every ranked season brings significant changes to the game. New items, game mechanics, and champion reworks might happen when the next season starts. The devs did hint that they are planning on adding a few more contents to the game next year. 

At the end of the ranked season, players can expect to receive special rewards based on their ranks before the season ended. This can range from profile banners, icons, and exclusive champion skins. Season 0 did not offer any exclusive skins, but the devs assured that next season would bring free Victorious Skins for players who reached Gold rank and above. 

When the time comes, a countdown clock that indicates when Season 0 ends will appear. So keep your eyes peeled for the end season countdown, which is likely to appear at the end of December 2020.

Season 0 Rewards

Just because it’s season zero doesn’t mean there will be no rewards. Riot Games has prepared a few goodies for players who tried their best to climb the ranked ladder. 

Players will receive a unique emote exclusive only to players who reach Gold and above in ranked games. 

Ranked Zero Exclusive Emote

Everyone who played at least one ranked game during Season 0 will also receive an icon. 

Ranked Zero Participation Icon

Rank Banners

Players from Gold and above will also receive these cool-looking banners based on their rank. 

Banners: Gold | Platinum | Emerald | Diamond

Banners: Master | Grandmaster | Challenger

Ranked Tier Reset

When the next season starts, players above Gold one will go down a few ranks. This will give players more of a challenge and another reason to climb higher than they reached in the previous season. 

Tiers and the upcoming drop in ranks:

  • Iron 1-4: Remain the same
  • Bronze 1-4: Remain the same
  • Silver 1-4: Remain the same
  • Gold 4: Remain the same
  • Gold 3: Remain the same
  • Gold 2: Remain the same
  • Gold 1: Remain the same
  • Platinum 4: Gold 1
  • Platinum 3: Gold 1
  • Platinum 2: Platinum 4
  • Platinum 1: Platinum 3
  • Emerald 4: Platinum 2
  • Emerald 3: Platinum 1
  • Emerald 2: Platinum 1
  • Emerald 1: Platinum 4(Likely a typo from Riot Games' end. Will probably be deranked to Emerald 4)
  • Diamond 4: Emerald 3
  • Diamond 3: Emerald 2
  • Diamond 2: Emerald 2
  • Diamond 1: Emerald 1
  • Master: Diamond 4
  • Grandmaster: Diamond 4
  • Challenger: Diamond 3

Your ranked fortitude will also reset back to zero when the new season starts. This includes all loss protection or double win bonuses. It is highly suggested to take advantage of these bonuses before the season ends.

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The devs are aware that players were expecting victorious skins after the season ends. They want to make sure everyone gets an equal opportunity to receive the victorious skins next year. Next Wild Rift ranked season will be more intense and rewarding for players, so stay tuned for updates on what the next ranked season brings. 

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