All We Know About MLBB's Latest Hero: Boudicca


All We Know About MLBB's Latest Hero: Boudicca

John Dave Rossel
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  • New MLBB hero "Boudicca," released in the advanced server of MLBB.
  • The new hero can switch between 4 weapons making her versatile in every match.
  • The skills are still unfinished and the character model is needs improvement.

Moonton has been consistent in releasing new heroes for their popular mobile game, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB). Mathilda was the latest hero that was added to the game, and she’s already doing wonders in the game as an assassin/support hero. Recently, a new marksman hero has been released in the advanced server named “Boudicca.” Here is a sneak peek at her mechanics. 

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New Hero Boudicca in MLBB Sneak Peak

Boudicca is the most recent hero released in the advanced server of the game. Fans have speculated that she will be released on the regular server in March. Paquito might be released in early January next year, while Yve will be next in line in February. 

The new hero is a marksman capable of switching up to four arsenals to fit the situation better. She has a lot of active skills because of her weapon switch mechanic. This makes her a very versatile hero once she is released on the regular servers. 

All We Know About MLBB's Latest Hero: Boudicca

The character model still needs improvement, and the portraits and icons are just place holders. Moonton has released her in the advanced server so players can test her out and help improve the new hero. 

Boudicca has four active skills. Her ultimate skill switches her weapon, allowing her to change her basic attacks and skills depending on her weapon. The active skills currently do not work except the ultimate skill and the 2nd skill, which is a dash skill. Her basic attacks work, and it changes based on the weapon she’s using. 

Boudicca Weapons:

Boudicca has 4 weapons at her disposal, Renner, Bennett, Wesker, and Nibiru. You can switch between weapons using her ultimate skill.


All We Know About MLBB's Latest Hero: Boudicca

Renner is a sniper rifle capable of long-range single-target basic attacks. 


All We Know About MLBB's Latest Hero: Boudicca

Bennett is a rocket launcher capable of dealing AOE damage in its basic attacks.


All We Know About MLBB's Latest Hero: Boudicca

Wesker is a shotgun that can knock enemies back with each basic attack.


All We Know About MLBB's Latest Hero: Boudicca

Nibiru is a rapid-fire pistol that sprays bullets in a cone-shaped area. 

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Boudicca might just be one of the hardest heroes to play due to her weapon switching mechanic. Her difficulty might be on par with Fanny. Her versatility can be a good thing for professionals esports, allowing more exciting plays in matches just like Benedetta, who can fit in different roles in the game.

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