Wild Rift May Have Exclusive Champions

John Dave Rossel
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  • In an interview, the lead designer revealed their plans about Wild Rift.
  • The lead designer stated that they are open to releasing champions exclusive only on Wild Rift.
  • The dev also stated that Role queues and is on the works.

The latest patch has been released in Wild Rift, which fine-tuned a few champions and items in the game. The devs are being sneaky with their plans, often giving vague descriptions and hints for upcoming content. Based on an interview with lead designer for Wild Rift, Brian “Feral Pony” Feeney, it looks like they have cooked up many surprises that might be coming soon to Wild Rift.

Upcoming Champions

In an interview with areajugones, Feral Pony said that he has no concrete roadmap in mind, but they are planning on releasing champions in a regular interval. It won’t be as fast as one champion per week and it won’t be as few as one champion every few months either. It’s going to be in the middle, not too fast and not too slow, possibly one champion per month. 

The devs are fully aware that the champion roster is too small for now and that there isn't much variety compared to the PC counterpart. They want to release champions but at the same time, they don’t want to rush all 153 champions to come to Wild Rift.

In the latest Dev Diary, the devs have confirmed that Wukong will be next in line after Darius and Draven’s release. After Wukong’s release, Teemo might come bringing a few friends with him.

Wild Rift May Have Exclusive Champions
Credits: Riot Games

Wild Rift Exclusive Champions

The dev stated that they are open to the idea of releasing Wild Rift exclusive champions. It is something that has always been on the table. 

"We are very open to releasing some new exclusive champions for Wild Rift. That's something that has always been on the table. [...] We know we have space to just grow outside of what's in League PC. SO we are definitely very open to do Wild Rift champions that don't exist on PC. The little trick there is we also know that we do not have enough champions from League PC right now. So our first priority is make sure that we deliver a lot of champions that we feel we are actually missing".

Wild Rift May Have Exclusive Champions
Credits: Riot Games

Role Queue for Wild Rift

Feral Pony also talked about one of Wild Rift’s most requested features, the Role Queue system. Not much has been heard about it for a while, but the devs have finally shared additional information about this.

 "We know there's a lot of value in players having some control over what positions they have. [...] It's one [of the problems] that we have to prioritize to get the game out in a stable state. That said, it's something that we are looking for, we are looking to work on and improve what we have. We'll get more details on this as we get closer. And, again, it won't be exactly what you see on PC [...] but we know the problem and it's something we want to fix".

Wild Rift May Have Exclusive Champions
League of legends Role Pre-selection System

Feral Pony also stated that it is something they have prioritized in order to make the game more stable. That said, it is something they are looking forward to improving as time goes. 

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