All You Need to Know About Step Up Event on Garena Free Fire

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  • Free Fire released Step Up Event for Operation Chrono.
  • The Top Scorer Set for Chrono is obtainable in the Step Up event.
  • A lot of contents are available right now during the Operation Chrono event.

Garena Free Fire is currently collaborating with popular football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo in their event Operation Chrono. The devs have released a new event that lets players obtain the Top Scorer set for their new character Chrono, A.K.A. Cristiano Ronaldo. 

Free Fire Step Up Event Details

The new event allows players to obtain a new cosmetic set for Chrono, the Top Scorer set. This set contains a blue football jersey, and sports shoes with the logo of Free Fire slapped into the shirt and pants. The event runs from Dec. 21 until Dec. 27, 2020. 

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The event features three tiers of rewards, each which offers a specific set of prizes. The full Top Scorer set is divided into each of the three tiers. You have to complete all three tiers to own the complete Top Scorer set. This set is perfect if you really want to play as the famous football player in Free Fire.

The higher the tier, the more expensive each spin costs. For tier 1, the charge is 39 diamonds. Tier 2 requires 99 diamonds for each spin, and tier 3 requires 199 diamonds. Each tier unlocks after spinning for the previous tiers. 

All You Need to Know About Step Up Event on Garena Free Fire
Free Fire Step Up Event Rewards

Obtained prizes will be grayed out, meaning that you won’t receive duplicates of the same award. With this in mind, players can get all the rewards by spending 1188 diamonds or less.

Here are the complete tier list of all the prizes; 

Level 1

  • Chrono Top Scorer (Shoes)
  • Cube fragment
  • Diamond Royale Voucher 3x 
  • Dragon Scale (AK-47)
  • Great Plunder Groza box

Level 2

  • Chrono Top Scorer (Bottom)
  • Arm Wave emote
  • Navy (Backpack)
  • An Artists Escape (Surfboard)

Level 3

  • Chrono Top Scorer (Top)
  • Top Scorer emote
  • Rainbow Dash

Operation Chrono Event

If you’re short on diamonds, the Operation Chrono event offers many other events with different prizes. There is always something to do in Free Fire with all these new contents from Operation Chrono. 

The Cosmic Racer Game mode is now available, where players try to claim a “Boyaah!” while riding cosmic bikes that float on the air.

Another limited-time event, The Chosen One, is also available right now. This is a team deathmatch where random players from each side will duel and earn points for the team. The first to reach 60 points wins the match.

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Don’t forget to claim your free gun skin; the free gun skin is only available until December 25. It might not be available for a while after the event ends, so be sure to claim it while it’s available for free. 

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