Filipino Shoutcaster Sh1nboo Hosts Charity Wild Rift Tournaments

John Dave Rossel
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  • Filipino shoutcaster, Sh1nboo, will host a weekly wild rift tournament.
  • The weekly tournament will have a total of 6,000 PHP ($124 USD) prize pool.
  • The Filipino caster wanted to prove to esports organizations that Wild Rift is ready for esports tournaments.

Wild Rift has gained a lot of attention in Southeast Asia. It has become quite influential and has garnered a lot of support from gaming communities. A famous shoutcaster from the Philippines, Sh1nboo, hosted charity streams and community tournaments to celebrate the mobile game’s success and prove to tournament organizers that Wild Rift is ripe for the taking when it comes to esports tournaments.

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The WWF Charity Stream

Sh1nboo is known for hosting small charity and community tournaments. He recently hosted a charity stream named “Now Loading: Gamers for Nature” in partnership with the World Wide Fund (WWF), a non-government organization aiming to preserve wildlife. Donations will be given to the WWF to help the organization protect natural habitats, resources, and ecosystems. During his stream, he announced that he will be hosting a weekly tournament for Wild Rift.

Wild Rift Underground: Weekly Tournament

Sh1nboo has started hosting a weekly tournament, Wild Rift Underground, with a prize pool of 6,00 PHP ($124 USD). The tournament will be hosted weekly, and the prize pool may change depending on whether esports organizations will sponsor the event. 

Filipino Shoutcaster Sh1nboo Hosts Charity Wild Rift Tournaments

At the time of his announcement, around 500 plus teams have already registered in his community event with a prize pool of 2,500 PHP ($51 USD). With this in mind, he stated that the community doesn’t care much about prizes and that they just want to compete and have fun. He asked tournament organizers to start hosting Wild Rift tournaments and see the game's impact on the mobile gaming community. 

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Due to the massive number of participants, Sh1nboo raised the prize pool to 6,000 PHP ($124 USD). He also said that bigger prize pools will be given one day and wished the participants good luck. 

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