Wild Rift: Devs Are Not Confident on How to Nerf Guardian Angel

Wild Rift: Devs Are Not Confident on How to Nerf Guardian Angel

John Dave Rossel
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  • Riot Games released a patch to balance some champions and items in Wild Rift.
  • The patch notes does not include a nerf for Guardian Angel.
  • Devs said they are not confident on how they can nerf Guardian Angel.

The Guardian Angel item in Wild Rift has taken the game by storm. Everyone except burst mages is building this item. It’s a cheap item with a significant impact on the game making it one of the more overpowered items in the game. The devs are fully aware of this issue, but it looks like they are not confident about balancing this item according to their social media posts.

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The Wild Rift Patch Notes 1.1

Riot Games recently released a patch to fine-tune some champions and items in the game. The champions that got hit by the nerf hammer were Jhin, Amumu, Blitzcrank, Lee Sin, Gragas, and Ezreal. 

Anti-tank items have also been nerfed. The Last Whisper and Mortal Reminder’s armor shredding power has been reduced by 5% to give tanks a fighting chance.

Three champions have also been buffed in this patch. Riot Games hoped that with the buff given on Varus, Akali, and Evelynn, players would enjoy playing these champions more than before. 

The Guardian Angel Dilemma

Players started complaining as to why there was no nerf for Guardian Angel. Wild Rift Content Manager, Jonathan Chao, addressed the community’s concern. 

“If something didn’t make it into this patch, either we are aware, but changes just didn’t make it into this balance patch cycle in time, or we are not confident in making tweaks for that thing yet,” said Chao. Along with this tweet, an image of the Guardian Angel was included, depicting that the devs know about the item’s unbalanced nature.

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Currently, Guardian Angel continues to bring a massive impact on Wild Rift. With Jhin’s nerf, the match should be even for both teams instead of becoming an uphill battle once Jhin gets his Guardian Angel. 

You can read the patch in full on the official Wild Rift website.

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