Free Fire Banned Over 1 Million Accounts for Hacking

Free Fire Banned Over 1 Million Accounts for Hacking

John Dave Rossel
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  • Garena Free Fire bans 1,087, 223 accounts for cheating
  • 48,390 players are also banned for tolerating hackers and playing with them.
  • Garena warned players that using hacks or tolerate the use of hacks could get you banned.

Garena Free Fire has been rising in popularity, and it shows no signs of stopping. Along with the game’s rising popularity, hackers started emerging from the game, trying to disrupt the balance. The devs have finally put a stop to this problem and have reportedly banned over 1,087,223 accounts within the last few weeks. 

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Banning of Hackers

Hacking in a game ruins the fun for the players who play fairly. With the use of 3rd party applications, hackers can manipulate the game’s mechanics and alter the game to their advantage, like seeing through walls, auto-aim, and teleporting hacks. The hackers gain an unfair advantage over their opponents, making the game less enjoyable for the opposing side. 

Hacking damages the game's competitive design, leaving players to have less fun and could potentially stop playing if it continues to ruin their matches.

Garena has been looking out for these types of illegal behaviors and reduce the number of people who use hacks. A report from the official Free Fire Facebook page states that 1,087,223 accounts were banned globally, and 48,390 players were punished for intentionally playing with hackers. 

The devs also thanked the players who are honest and reported the hackers. Around 48% of the banned accounts came from the reports that players made. 

Following up on the weekly report made by Garena Free Fire, they also explained various methods used by hackers to have an unfair advantage over other players. The most used cheats are auto-aim and teleportation hacks. 43% of the banned players are guilty of using auto-aim, and 39% were guilty of using teleportation hacks.

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Breakdown of Banned Free Fire Accounts

Based on the graphs from the Free Fire weekly report, here are the breakdowns of the banned accounts;

  • Auto Aim -43%
  • Teleport -39%
  • Through Wall -11%
  • Antenna -1%
  • Other Hacks -6%

The developers also warned the players not to tolerate hackers in the game. Those found to allow hackers to team up with them intentionally will also be banned. They have made improvements to the anti-hack system in the game to prevent new hacks from emerging. 

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