Wild Rift Dev Talks About The Game's Immediate Priorities

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  • Wild Rift game director, posts a blog about their plans of expanding the reach of Wild Rift across regions.
  • The dev team aims to improve the quality of player's gameplay exprience.
  • New items and game mechanics will be added in the future.

Wild Rift has been expanding its reach to more regions. The launch in certain regions has been rocky, but the devs are working on fixing the issues and improving the players' experience. On Dec. 18, 2020, the developers have posted an update on what they are up to and their top priorities. 

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Broadening the Reach of Wild Rift

Brian “FeralPony” Feeney, the design director of Wild Rift, posted a blog discussing the current state of the game and what they are doing to resolve the issues mentioned.

The director pointed out that their main goal is to make the game accessible to more players in different regions. Expanding new territories will allow them to garner more players who will find the game interesting and help them find ways to improve the game through the player’s experience. 

The dev team also mentioned that they are aware of certain players who can’t access the game or even download the game. A few of these problems have been resolved, but it’s an area they are focusing on right now. 

Fixing In-game Issues

Their second priority is improving the quality of experience for live regions and the players themselves. This includes reducing or maybe even eliminating latency issues in the game, improving the queue times, improved matchmaking, etc.

“We know many of you have had frustrations with matchmaking especially, and you’re right to expect a better experience there,” FeralPony stated. “Because matchmaking is so difficult to simulate, the live data we’ve been getting from players has been invaluable.”

The director expressed his thanks to the players who went out of their way to give feedback about the matchmaking issues for Wild Rift and for being patient regarding this matter. The team will work on improving the quality of matchmaking with the help of data given by players. 

The director mentioned that a few of the adjustments mentioned are already live on the Wild Rift servers to share some early results. This is made to reduce the overall queue time and lower the difference between ranks in ranked matches.

The features mentioned will be improved further as time progresses. While the results have been promising, there is still room for improvement. 

FrealPony also mentioned that they are working on large gameplay changes for the game. This isn’t as big as the new item system in the League of Legends PC version, but players can expect to see a few new items and some game mechanics changes. 

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Who is FeralPony?

Brian “FeralPony” Feeney oversees all the game design teams, including champions, gameplay, game systems, balance, and more in Wild Rift. He is the creator of the game’s placeholder art for Graves, Hecarim, Rumble, Jayce, and Fizz.

To learn more about Riot Games plans for Wild Rift, visit the official website.

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