CODM: Fennec Nerfed, Along with Other Adjustments for Guns


CODM: Fennec Nerfed, Along with Other Adjustments for Guns

John Dave Rossel
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  • Fennec SMG will be nerfed next season for CODM.
  • Players have been complaining about the item since the Akimbo Fennec Combo was interoduced.
  • Along with the Fennec, a few guns are also getting a nerf and buff next season.

Since the release of the new Akimbo perk in Call of Duty: Mobile (CODM), the perk has received mixed reviews from players. This is because the Fennec SMG paired with the Akimbo perk is quite overpowered. Players barely have a chance to run if they are fighting against someone who uses Fennec with the Akimbo perk. Players have been complaining about this unbalanced combo. Activision has finally granted their request and has made adjustments to the gun to make it more balanced for the upcoming Season 13 update.

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CODM Fennec SMG Weapon Adjustments

Regarding the player’s request for adjusting the Fennec’s stats, Activision has made a few changes to the gun. This will make the Fennec with Akimbo perk still an ideal combo to use but not something that will make the wielder almost invincible. 

  • The devs have reduced the Fennec’s accuracy while aiming and jumping. This will make it harder to hit someone while moving and forces the player to decide whether to keep moving to avoid being hit or crouch to improve accuracy and deliver precise shots. 
  • The player holding a Fennec will also have a reduced movement speed without a Rear Grip Attachment. Short MIP Lightweight Barrel attachment for Fennec is also slightly adjusted with a lesser movement speed effect. 
  • The gun's reload speed is also reduced, forcing the player to be more careful in spraying bullets with the gun. Reloading, while in the middle of a fight can put them in a bad situation.
  • The last adjustment is reducing the gun’s overall damage. This makes the gun decent enough to use but not entirely the only weapon that can win fights. 

Other Gun Adjustments for CODM Season 13

Aside from the adjustment of the Fennec gun, here is the list of guns that will also be adjusted; 


  • Death machine’s ammunition capacity increased. Firing-rate will also increase gradually.
  • Equalizer’s ammunition capacity increased.


  • Annihilator’s long-range tracking reduced.
  • Ballistic Shield’s pistol ammo capacity was reduced.
  • Fennec’s accuracy while walking or jumping slightly reduced
  • Fennec- Short MIP Lightweight Barrel nerfed
  • Fennec’s movement speed without butt reduced.
  • Fennec Akimbo’s reloaded speed nerfed.
  • Fennec Akimbo’s damage is slightly reduced.
  • Artic .50 firing rate reduced.
  • HVK 30 damage from Large Caliber Ammunition in mid-range reduced

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Season 13, Winter War, for CODM is getting closer. The new season will commence on Dec. 21, 2020. The new update will add a ton of content into the game, like new maps, weapons, and characters to collect. For more information about the Winter War update, you can check the CODM official blog site.

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