CODM Zombies Mode Making a Comeback?

John Dave Rossel
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  • Image of a zombie boss for CODM Chinese server has been leaked.
  • Fans speculate the ta the Chinese server will have Zombies Mode for CODM.
  • Fans asks Activision to add Zombies Mode back to the game.

Call of Duty Mobile has been rising in popularity since its official release. A few months ago, CODM added Zombie Mode in their game, which the fans ultimately enjoyed playing. The new game mode was then removed due to it not meeting the quality standards of the game’s developer. A leak has been spreading across gaming communities, hinting that the Zombie Mode might make a comeback. 

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CODM Zombies Mode Leaked

The game mode was introduced last year, Nov. 2019. The new game mode quickly gained popularity due to its game mechanic similar to other Call of Duty Zombies franchise. But, the new game mode was short-lived when Activision decided to remove the game mode on March 25, 2020.

“Despite the support here on Reddit, it is not symbolic of the larger player base,” the company explained. “Like we said, and many players have said here, it is not currently high enough quality, and we’d prefer to focus more on MP & BR.”

During the first few days of the Chinese server’s launch, a leak of what seems to be a Zombie Boss in the Chinese server has started spreading across CODM Gaming communities. 

CODM Zombies Mode Making a Comeback?

The data miner, codM_N3ws, has posted an image of a giant mutant/zombie known as “The Thug.” Fans speculated that the Chinese server would have a Zombies Mode soon. It’s a giant humanoid figure welding a metal club. Based on the descriptions on the image, it’s weakness is its head and has an ability called “Rush.”

Players have been asking Activision about adding Zombies Mode back. So far, Activision has yet to respond to these requests. Activision’s only response was that they want to improve the game mode before putting it back into the game. The certainty of its coming back was deemed slim because the devs announced that they wanted to introduce other limited edition game modes.

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What is Zombies Mode?

Zombies Mode was widely popular among CODM players. It managed to garner the attention of a considerable amount of players. 

The game mode is a wave-based match. 4 players will team up and face a wave of AI-controlled zombies. The number of zombies spawning will increase the more waves they clear. Zombie bosses will also spawn during certain waves. These bosses have higher HP than regular zombies and would require teamwork to take them down. The longer the team survives the onslaught, the bigger the rewards at the end of the match. 

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