Filipino Streamer 2staxx Reached Mythic Rank in MLBB in Just 3 Days

Filipino Streamer 2staxx Reached Mythic Rank in MLBB in Just 3 Days

John Dave Rossel
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  • League of Legends streamer,2Staxx, streamed MLBB content with a challenge.
  • The streamer shared his thoughts about MLBB.
  • 2Staxx reach Mythic in just 3 days with the help of his friends.

The Filipino streamer 2Staxx played Mobile Legends: Bang Bang with a challenge in mind: To play MLBB and reach Mythic Rank before the ranked season ends. This garnered a lot of MLBB players who were curious if he will be able to pull it off.

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2Staxx Shares his Thoughts about MLBB

2Staxx mentioned that he once said he would be playing MLBB, and now he did. He expressed his opinions about the game.

The streamer said that the game is smoother than Wild Rift and is more optimized. The interface might be annoying, but the gameplay is smoother. 

Filipino Streamer 2staxx Reached Mythic Rank in MLBB in Just 3 Days
2Staxx Missed His Lyla Ultimate

He was surprised that players don’t need to be recalled back to the base in order to buy items. They can just buy items straight off the bat no matter where you are on the map. 

“You can buy without going home? Isn’t that OP?” said 2Staxx.

2Staxx Reached Mythic in Just Three Days

After 2Staxx finally finished the tutorial and is qualified to play ranked games. He then proceeded to stream his ranked games with his friends Shigeki, Kardel, Maru, and Dlanor. The 5-man party played ranked games together.

The group went on an adventure in ranked games where 2Staxx spammed Gatotkaca as much as he can. He has decided to specialize in this hero.

On Dec. 17, 2020, three days since he started playing MLBB, Kardel, and Maru, was already in Mythic Glory while Dlanor was at Mythic. 2Staxx and Shigeki were at Legend, 5 stars, and were one win away from reaching the Mythic rank.

Their final match to Mythic was a close fight. They failed to secure Lord and their mid lane is wide open for attack. The enemy team approached with Lord in mid lane as the group made their last stand.

 2Staxx initiated the team fight and they managed to kill the enemy Lord and wiped out the enemy team, giving them the chance to destroy the enemy nexus. 2Staxx stayed to defend the base while Maru And Dlanor pushed mid lane and deliver the win for the team.

The Great Achievement

After reaching Mythic, 2Staxx then flexed his rank to everyone on his Facebook page. It garnered mixed reactions. Some fans said that he should try to reach Mythic Glory while others challenged him to reach Immortal rank in DOTA2. 

“3 Days Ranked? I can’t make it? Maybe I’m 2Staxx,” captioned the streamer. 

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Who is 2Staxx?

2Staxx is a Filipino League of Legends and Wild Rift streamer and a social media influencer. He is also a member of the Battle Royale gaming community, a talent agency focused on talented Filipino personalities. Famous for his love for the champion Udyr who he calls “Godyr,” makes a lot of League of Legends content and memes. His unique sense of humor has managed to garner a huge amount of fans who follow him, no matter what game title he plays.

It is still unsure whether 2Staxx will play MLBB after this achievement. He has always been a League of Legends Streamer and might go back to playing Wild Rift after a few days. 

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