How To Play The New Chosen One Game Mode in Free Fire

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  • Garena Free Fire announced new game mode, Chosen One, for the Operation Chrono event.
  • The game mode is similar to a Team Deathmatch. Two teams of 4 members will fight to earn points.
  • 1v1 duels will happen at random times which give points to the winner of the duel. The first team to earn 40 points wins.

Garena Free Fire’s Operation Chrono update has been well-received by players. The event featured the famous Football superstar, Cristiano Ronaldo, as a new playable character, Chrono. Along with the update, new events and content have been added to the game. One of the most awaited updates of this operation is the Chosen One game mode. 

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What is the Chosen One Game Mode?

In addition to the previously released game mode, the Cosmic Racer mode, the official event website for Operation Chrono, has revealed a new game mode set to release on Dec. 19, 2020. It will be available until Dec. 25, 2020. 

In the Chosen One game mode, two teams composed of 4 members each will fight each other. Similar to a team deathmatch, each kill will reward their team with points. The first team to acquire 40 points wins the match.

How to Play

Two teams will spawn on the opposite side of the map. Players can then use the map to their advantage and get points by killing the opposing team. 

During the course of the match, 1v1 duels will be held at random times. One random member of each team will be chosen to participate. The chosen ones will then fight each other until one of them is defeated. Points will be rewarded for the player who wins the duel. In addition to the bonus points earned from the duel, the team also gains a 30-second point amplifier buff, which will grant them 2 points per kill for a limited time. 

Each duel has a timer set to 45 seconds. If the duel's timer runs out and both Chosen Ones are still alive, the duel ends in a draw. No points will be given, and no bonus will be rewarded. 

If there are no winners within 6 minutes and 30 seconds or if both teams’ scores are equal and below 40, Sudden Death will be activated. In this scenario, the team that gets a kill after the Sudden Death is activated wins the game. 

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How To Play The New Chosen One Game Mode in Free Fire
Credits: Garena 

The Chosen One game mode is the second and last game mode featured in the Operation Chrono update. Along with the new game mode, there is also a redeemable permanent gun and machete skin, which you can claim on Dec. 19, 2020,  just by logging in to the game. 

For more information about the Garena Free Fire Operation Chrono event, visit the official event website

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