Winter is Coming, CODM Season 13 Announced


Winter is Coming, CODM Season 13 Announced

John Dave Rossel
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  • Official CODM Twitter posted a teaser for Season 13 of CODM.
  • Season 13 will have new winter maps, guns and a new scorestreak system.
  • No exact date for the release of Season 13, but the reaser said it's coming in the next few weeks.

Season 12 for Call of Duty: Mobile (CODM) is coming to a close. With it came a teaser for the upcoming season. The next season isn’t all about love and cheers, it’s going to be a winter warzone for the players. The official CODM Twitter has posted a teaser for the upcoming CODM Season 13, Winter War, for the game. 

CODM Season 13: Winter War

The new season will bring a new battle pass containing exclusive skins, characters, and more. The battle pass can be completed for free, but you can gain exclusive rewards if you buy the premium version. 

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New Ranked Season:

Season 13 will also be the start of a new ranked season. Players’ ranks will reset, and they will receive rewards based on their previous ranks. New rank rewards will be available for this season as well. 

Winter is Coming, CODM Season 13 Announced
Credits: Activision

New Maps:

With this season's theme, Activision announced that there would be two new winter-themed maps added to the game. The two new maps are the Raid Holiday and the Nuketown Russia map that was teased a few weeks ago. 

Winter is Coming, CODM Season 13 Announced
Credits: Activision

The Ski Town Battle Royale map will also be updated with a new area near the Dormitory section. This has been teased by the official Twitter of CODM a few days ago and will make its way along with Season 13 update. 

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New Scorestreak System:

Another new feature that will also be added next season is the EMP scorestreak. This feature will allow you to disable drones or any machinery, giving you an advantage over players who rely on drones to spy or attack you. This scorestreak was available on other Call of Duty titles like Modern Warfare and Black Ops and will soon arrive in CODM.

New Guns:

You can’t really have a new season without having new weapons. New weapons will also be added to the game next season along with cosmetics to build your unique design. The new guns are the Peacekeeper MK2 and the MP7-QXR.

Winter is Coming, CODM Season 13 Announced
Credits: Activision

Besides this, players can expect a new operator skill, tactical equipment, perks, and game modes to be added in Season 13. Activision is yet to announce all of the contents to be released in CODM Season 13. 

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