Wild Rift Shares Baron Meat Recipes

John Dave Rossel
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  • Official Wild Rift social media pages posted Baron inspired dishes after the Battle of Baron event.
  • The dishes are made with ingredients found in the game.
  • The dishes poster are Baron Burger, Spring Nashoroll and Baron in a Can.

The battle of Baron has concluded. Participants have achieved victory and will have their rewards next year, in January 2021. However, Riot Games isn’t done with the event. The official Wild Rift social media pages have begun posting recipes themed around the giant void worm, Baron Nashor.

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The Spoils of War

After the great Battle of Baron, Riot Games has decided to celebrate the victory by giving us ideas on how to make use of the Baron meat. They posted several images of dishes along with the recipes on how to make them. The ingredients for these dishes come from the monsters and consumables found in Wild Rift.

Baron Burger

The first post made was a burger made of ground Baron Nashor patty. The burger has a purple bun resembling the color of Baron Nashor. 

“Nothing’s as satisfying as the taste of victory. Except maybe the taste of a juicy Nashor patty Baron Burger. The only dish worthy of celebrating #TheBattleofBaron!,” Wild Rift Twitter captioned.

It looks incredibly enticing and mouth-watering, despite its purple buns. The recipe includes two Demacian Buns, one raptor egg, a quarter cup of minced Scryer’s Bloom, half a cup of Honyfruit leaves, one freshly ground Nashor patty, and a blast cone to spice things up. 

Spring Nashoroll

The second dish is a spring roll made out of minced Nashor meat wrapped around spring roll wrappers. The dish even has its own sauce called the “Scuttler sauce.”

“It’s easy to work up an appetite after battling the indomitable Baron Nashor. Thankfully the chefs of Runeterra have worked out the perfect snack. A spring roll that’s healthy, flavourful, and epic spicy. #TheBattleofBaron!,” captioned Wild Rift Twitter. 

This looks like a healthy alternative to the Baron Burger. The recipe includes one tablespoon of Ionian oil, two blast cone cloves, 13oz Nashor Mince, six noxious mushrooms, 2 cups of shredded honeyfruit leaves, two tablespoons of scuttler sauce, and two spring roll wrappers.

Baron in a Can

It would seem that Baron meat is abundant. To keep this meat from rotting, the remaining spoils of war have been turned into canned preserved goods. 

The fans commented that it looks weird, unlike the previous dishes. It’s just preserved Nashor meat, and it still needs to be cooked. The preserved Nashor meat ingredients are one wild-caught river serpent, ten tablespoon Ionian salt, 1 cup honeyfruit extract, and half a cup Bildgewater water. 

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Who is the Baron Nashor in Wild Rift?

Baron Nashor is the most powerful neutral monster on Wild Rift. Killing this monster will yield gold and powerful buffs to the team. It’s almost impossible to kill Baron Nashor alone, so you need your team to take it down.

Baron Nashor was featured in the YouTube live event “The Battle of Baron,” where the audience successfully defeated the great Void Worm in an interactive livestream. After defeating Baron Nashor, players will receive rewards for Wild Rift, that will be given in January 2021. 

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