Filipino Wild Rift Inspired Restaurant Features League of Legends Themed Food

John Dave Rossel
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  • A Filipino bar is serving Wild Rift inspired Dishes.
  • Filipino YouTuber Gloco pays a visit to the Habanero Kitchen Bar to try the dishes.
  • The innovative dishes amazed the YouTuber and encourages people to check it out themselves.

Wild Rift has influenced a lot of players in Southeast Asia. Riot Games even made their mini-convention in Thailand, where they set up stalls around Bangkok and handed out free tastes for the iconic Honeyfruit found in Wild Rift. This time, a bar in Cubao Expo, Philippines, took inspiration from the popular game and made their own Wild Rift inspired delicacies. 

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Wild Rift Dishes

A popular Filipino YouTuber, Gloco, posted a video featuring a bar named Habanero Kitchen where Wild Rift inspired dishes are served.

Fizz Kilawin:

The first dish is called “Fizz Kilawin,” it’s the bar’s version of ceviche. Strips of milkfish are marinated under coconut milk and mojito sorbet. The container is then smoked to add a fruity aroma to the dish. The dish resembles the riverside of the Summoner’s Rift in the game wrapped in the “Fog of war.”

Image via GLOCO

Teemo Shroom Soup:

Gloco got excited about the next dish because it’s from his favorite champion, the “Teemo Shrooms.” The dish is a mushroom soup coated in jello. Gloco explained that it just burst in your mouth like Teemo’s bombs. 

Image via GLOCO

Ocean Drake:

The next dish is the “Ocean Drake,” a chocolate lavender dipped in liquid nitrogen. This dish resembles the Ocean Drake’s ice-cold dragon breath. Eating this makes your breath ice cold.

Image via GLOCO

Alistar Ox Tongue Spring Roll:

Another dish featured is the “Alistar Ox Tongue Spring Roll,” it’s an ox tongue served in a cone with caviar on top. “Imagine a perfect sisig in a crunchy cone,” Gloco explains the dish. 

Image via GLOCO

Renekton Crocodile Sisig:

The “Renekton Crocodile Sisig,” is minced meat and spices with kaffir mayo dip. Gloco expressed that the aroma is radiating. The dish is crunchy on the outside but soft on the inside. 

Image via GLOCO

Mountain Drake Lechon Habanero:

The “Mountain Drake Lechon Habanero,” sous vide cooked mild spicy pork belly served in mustard leaves and fermented rice and shrimps. The dish is eaten wrapped in mustard leaves. 

Image via GLOCO

Infernal Drake Spiced Beef:

Another dragon inspired dish is the “Infernal Drake Spiced Beef,” this dish was low temperature cooked for 48 hours served with lechon rice. It’s a dish which will give you an infernal spicy experience. 

Image via GLOCO

Anivia Rebirth Leche Flan:

A dessert that Gloco described as “the most clever dessert out of all the Wild Rift themes so far,” was the “Anivia Rebirth Leche Flan.” Breaking the edible eggshell revealed a yolk which is egg custard. 

Image via GLOCO

Tham Kench Menu:

The most unexpected dish in this video was the “Tham Kench Menu,” it’s simply an edible paper menu. Gloco asked multiple times if they were serious about the edible menu before taking a bite, and it was really edible. 

Gloco questions if it's really edible.

Elixer of Sorcery:

Image via GLOCO

The last one is the “Elixer of Sorcery,” it’s sago and gulaman coconut wine. The beverage was oozing with smoke as if it’s made using magic. 

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Who is Gloco?

Gian Lois Concepcio, better known online as GLOCO, is a Filipino YouTuber, gamer, vlogger, fisherman, and former licensed nurse. He is known for his iconic Teemo Hat, comedic commentary in his Let's Plays, and his love of Anime.

Gloco expressed his satisfaction and amazement in the delicacies presented. The food was very innovative, the food he never experienced anywhere else. The YouTuber also encouraged people to visit Habanero Kitchen and experience the Wild Rift cuisines themselves. 

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