MLBB: How to Play New Hero Mathilda


MLBB: How to Play New Hero Mathilda

John Dave Rossel
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  • New hero Mathilda is now available in MLBB.
  • What items to build for Mathilda.
  • What are Mathilda's skills.

Mathilda has been released in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang during the Blazing West event. Players were able to unlock her for free on Dec. 12, 2020. However, if players missed out on the free event, they can purchase her in the shop for 32,000 gold or 599 diamonds. Her role is an Assassin with supportive skills allowing her to help teammates or dominate her lane. 

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Who is Mathilda?

Mathilda is the new and very first Assassin hero with Supportive abilities in MLBB. The character design is reminiscent of a Western Indian tribal woman. She is best played as a roaming assassin due to her capabilities as support and her damage as an assassin. 

Item Build for Mathilda

MLBB: How to Play New Hero Mathilda
Credits: Moonton

Mathilda is good as a roaming assassin. You can buy Courage Mask so you can abuse her passive and first skill. This also allows you to reach lanes faster and catch your opponents off guard. Her first skill deals a lot of damage and can potentially one-shot squishy opponents. 

The Boots can either be Demon Shoes for your mana sustain or Warrior Boots to gain extra damage reduction. Most of the time, you’ll be using Demon Shoes so that you can spam her skills more.

Glowing Wand is also a good choice because her skills can hit an enemy multiple times, which synergizes with the Glowing Wand’s burning passive, allowing you to maximize the item’s passive. 

The Necklace of Durance prevents your enemies from gaining HP. This will help you in team fights or duels and ensure they don’t survive your attacks.

Getting an Oracle further increases your chances of surviving a team fight. This item makes shields and regeneration effects on you to be 30% more effective. You already deal a lot of damage. The thing you need to focus on is how to survive. Amplifying your 2nd skill will ensure you stay alive longer than your enemies. Your 2nd skill gives 1,000 shield, and with oracle, it can go up to 1,300. 

Your ultimate can be a bit tricky. You might land in an awkward position and could potentially kill you. That is why if you’re still not confident with how you play Mathilda, go for Immortality. This item allows you to resurrect in case you make mistakes and die. If you do know how to land your ultimate properly, change it to whatever fits your playstyle. Either more damage item or add another defensive item. 

MLBB: How to Play New Hero Mathilda
Credits: Moonton

You can use the support emblem, and this talent build to maximize her mobility and roaming potential.

Skill Descriptions

Passive: Ancestral Guidance

Mathilda charges Ancestral Guidance while moving. When it’s fully charged, she gains basic attack damage and gains a movement speed buff for a brief period. 

Always try to charge your passive all the time to maximize the damage. When chasing, sometimes it is best to keep chasing to charge up your passive before attacking the enemy when in range. This way, you can have the advantage of moving faster than your enemy so they can’t escape.

1st Skill: Soul Bloom

Mathilda channels her ancestor’s power and summons wisps around her for 3 seconds. More wisps appear as she moves. Up to six wisps can be summoned in total. The wisps deal magic damage to nearby enemies.

The wisps lock-in to enemies you attack, try to move around until you get six wisps, and aim for the squishier enemies. The skill isn’t long-ranged, so be careful when getting close to the enemy. This is your main damaging ability. Use it with your passive to maximize your damage. 

2nd Skill: Guiding Wind

Mathilda Leaps to an area and casts a gust of wind upon landing, surrounding her. Her allies within the area will temporarily gain a new skill called “Wind Force.” When an ally uses the skill, they will immediately blink to Mathilda, and both of them will gain a movement speed buff.

This skill is a good engage or disengage skill. You can use it to get close to enemies or save your allies. You gain a shield, and your allies within the area will also gain half of your shield value. The blink can be very useful in chasing or running away from enemies. Take note that the blink can only be used once for everyone in range.

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Ultimate Skill: Circling Eagle

Mathilda attaches a Soul Mark to a target hero, dealing magic damage. She then gains flight and flies around the target for 3 seconds. You can cast the skill again while flying to slam the ground and stunning enemies around the area.

While flying, you gain damage immunity to crowd control and a shield, which means you can’t be stunned while flying. You can also slam the ground immediately to hold off the enemies who are running away or chasing an ally. 

Mathilda’s ultimate skill has a low cooldown allowing you to use it frequently. But take note that it can kill you if you land in a bad position, so always be mindful of where you land your ultimate skill. 

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