Riot Games Announces Wild Rift Esports Plans For 2021

John Dave Rossel
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  • Riot Games planning to host Wild Rift esports tournaments across Southeast Asia next year.
  • Riot Games will host professional and collegiate esports tournaments.
  • Esports organizations team up with Riot Games to host Wild Rift esports in their respective regions.

Riot Games has always been fond of the esports scene. They’ve hosted League of Legends and VALORANT tournaments across the world, with much success. With the release of their new mobile game Wild RIft, Riot Games announced their plans for upcoming esports events next year. Riot Games Southeast Asia will partner with esports organizations to host professional and collegiate tournaments across Southeast Asia. 

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Riot Games Announces Wild Rift Esports Plans For 2021
Credits: Riot Games

Wild Rift Esports 2021

Riot Games said that Wild Rift’s esports scene in Southeast Asia would start with smaller events from January through March. This will serve as a way to promote talented esports teams for each region. 

The next step for Riot Games is hosting eight location-specific tournament circuits, where teams will be competing for the title of local champion. Once local champions have been crowned, they will then compete against other winners across Southeast Asia. 

On top of the professional tournaments, Riot Games will also be having collegiate tournaments for Wild Rift. The collegiate tournament will feature teams from universities and other educational institutions across the region. This tournament will serve as a stepping stone for students who wish to showcase their skills and get a taste of top-tier competition. 

”We knew that players were eager and ready for Wild Rift competition. In 2021,” said Chris Tran, Head of Esports at Riot Games Southeast Asia, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. “We’re focusing on laying the foundations of our long-term commitment to Wild Rift esports in Southeast Asia.” 

The founders of GameStart, PGL, and Eliphant, also jumped in to lend a hand and stated that they’ll be working closely with Riot Games to host both professional and collegiate Wild Rift esports tournaments in Singapore. GameStart is one of the popular game conventions in Singapore

Mineski Philippines, one of the popular esports organization in Southeast Asia, will also work hand in hand with Riot Games to organize professional Wild Rift tournaments in the Philippines. AcadArena, a national campus esports program in the Philippines, will be handling the collegiate tournaments in the region. 

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Electronic Sports League (ESL), will be in charge of both collegiate and professional circuits in Malaysia and Thailand. ESL is an esports organizer and production company that produces video game competitions worldwide

Both collegiate and professional tournaments in Indonesia will be handled by digital content companies, ONE Up and VNG. 

Cyber Games Arena will handle the professional tournaments in Taiwan while collegiate tournaments will be in the hands of Bowl Cut Entertainment and telecom company, Taiwan Mobile.

Wild Rift is the official mobile counterpart of Riot Game’s popular PC game, League of Legends. The mobile game has gained traction from mobile gamers from across Southeast Asia despite still being in an open beta phase. 

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