COD Mobile: Battle Royale Map Will Change


COD Mobile: Battle Royale Map Will Change

John Dave Rossel
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  • Cod Mobile teases a new map on their Twitter handle.
  • Fans speculated it's a new MP map but devs confirmed it's a new section of an existing BR map.
  • Beta Test for CODM Season13 coming soon according to official CODM Twitter.

Winter has come to Call of Duty: Mobile (CODM). The game has been announcing winter events and new maps that will be released next season. The official CODM Twitter has posted another picture teasing its players with what seems to be a Ski resort.  

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Changes are coming to the CODM Ski Town Battle Royale Map

After showing the players a new winter variation of the Nuketown map called Nuketown Russia, the devs have started teasing its players with another winter map. 

The image depicts a ski resort with very familiar mountains in the background. Fans have begun analyzing the picture and came up with ideas on where it came from. Fans thought it was a new Multi Player map or a whole new Battle Royale map, but the devs quickly fix the misunderstanding. The CODM Twitter page stated that it’s not a new map but an updated section of a Battle Royale map.

COD Mobile: Battle Royale Map Will Change

The new map is actually an updated section from the Ski Town Battle Royale map. The new area is located near the Dormitory section of the Ski Town map. The area is reminiscent of the map from Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, “The Downhill” map. 

COD Mobile: Battle Royale Map Will Change
Credits: Activision

Fans speculate that there will be a new weather system for the Battle Royale map, which would add more challenges to the game. The devs are yet to confirm this.

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CODM Season 13 Beta Testing

Fans started asking questions under the Twitter post, inquiring when the beta test for Season 13 would be open. The devs were quick to respond that it will be coming soon but there is no exact date mentioned. 

COD Mobile: Battle Royale Map Will Change

The players have been waiting for the beta testing for Season 13 in CODM. While the devs have posted several updates about the upcoming season, the release date of CODM season 13 is yet to be revealed. 

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