MLBB: Obtain New Hero Mathihlda for Free



MLBB: Obtain New Hero Mathihlda for Free

John Dave Rossel
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  • New hero, Mathilda, can be unlocked for free in MLBB.
  • Skin for Mathilda on discount for a limited time.
  • Mathilda can be unlocked for free on Dec. 12, 2020 through the Blazing West event.

Moonton has been teasing us with their new hero for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB), Mathilda, for quite some time now. Finally, the day has come, and we can unlock her for free through the Blazing West event. 

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Unlock Mathilda for Free

You can unlock her through the blazing west interface. 

MLBB: Obtain New Hero Mathihlda for Free
Credits: Moonton

A special discount is also available for her skin “Unrestrained Delight.” It’s super cheap and is only on discount for a limited time. 

MLBB: Obtain New Hero Mathihlda for Free
Credits: Moonton

Who is Mathilda in MLBB?

Mathilda is the new and very first Assassin hero with Support abilities in MLBB. The character design is reminiscent of a Western Indian tribal woman. Her skill revolves around giving buffs to her allies, giving them more mobility to chase down enemies or escape sticky situations. Despite her supportive capabilities, she also deals high amounts of damage to the enemies. This makes her a dangerous enemy to go against and a good ally to have. 

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Mathilda Abilities

Passive: Ancestral Guidance

Mathilda charges Ancestral Guidance while moving. When it’s fully charged, she gains basic attack damage and gains a movement speed buff for a brief period. 

1st Skill: Power of Ancestors

Mathilda channels her ancestor’s power and summons wisps around her for 3 seconds. More wisps appear as she moves. Up to 4 wisps can be summoned in total. The wisps deal magic damage to nearby enemies.

2nd Skill: Wind Force

Mathilda Leaps to an area and casts a gust of wind upon landing, surrounding her. Her allies within the area will temporarily gain a new skill called “Wind Force.” When an ally uses the skill, they will immediately blink to Mathilda, and both of them will gain a movement speed buff. 

Ultimate Skill: Lightness

Mathilda attaches a Soul Mark to a target hero, dealing magic damage. After 3 seconds, Mathilda can cast the skill again to gain flight and fly around the target for up to 3 seconds. During this period, wisps are summoned and attack nearby enemies dealing magic damage. While flying, Mathilda is immune to Crowd Control effects and is more resistant to damage.

After the skill expires, Mathilda slams the ground, knocking enemies back and dealing magic damage to the enemies hit by the slam. 

Mathilda is one of those heroes that can adjust her role depending on the match. Like Benedetta, who can be used in any role, Mathilda can be an assassin or support, depending on the situation. 

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