Free Fire x One Punch Man Guns Leaked?


Free Fire x One Punch Man Guns Leaked?

John Dave Rossel
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  • One Punch Man themed Free Fire guns have been leaked by data miners.
  • The featured guns are M4A1-Genos and One Punch Man M1887.
  • No official announcement for the collaboration has been made by Garena.

After the reveal of 2 new One Punch Man themed emotes in the regular server of Garena Free Fire, more information about the potential collaboration has been leaked. This time, data miners have discovered guns of the same theme.

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Free Fire x One Punch Man Guns Leaked

A new leak has started emerging after the leaks about the One Punch Man Gloo Wall from Free Fire. According to FFDataminer, two new guns have been released in the advanced server for Free Fire, the M4A1-Genos and the One Punch Man M1887. 

The M4A1-Genos is a remodeled M4A1 that packs a very high rate of fire at the cost of minimized ammo for each magazine. The gun sports a futuristic, metallic texture similar to the metallic alloy that One Punch Man character, Genos, possesses. It looks stunning with yellow led lights glowing around the weapon.  

Free Fire x One Punch Man Guns Leaked?
Credits: FFDataminer

The second gun is named One Punch Man M1887. The weapon is a double-barrel shotgun that offers faster reload speed at the cost of accuracy. This weapon is deadly in close range where accuracy is less of a problem. The gun features a combination of red and yellow color similar to Saitama’s character, with the anime title on each side of the gun. The gun’s tip seems to be on fire, resembling a burning fist that Saitama has when he tries to punch someone.

Free Fire x One Punch Man Guns Leaked?
Credits: FFDataminer

The leaks so far have revealed Gloo Wall and two new guns found by FFDataminer. Garena has yet to announce this collaboration officially. Fans speculated that Garena would announce this collaboration after the Operation Chrono events have concluded.

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Who are Genos and Saitama?

Saitama is the main protagonist of the series and the titular One-Punch Man in the anime series. He is the most powerful being to exist in the series.

Genos is our bald superhero’s sidekick and best friend from the anime, One Punch Man. He’s a cyborg built with different arsenals that can obliterate his foes. He can also self destruct to deal damage equal to a nuclear explosion.

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