Wild Rift: Obtain Darius and Draven for Free


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Wild Rift: Obtain Darius and Draven for Free

John Dave Rossel
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  • Wild Rift released a new event "Noxian Brotherhood".
  • The event is a canon lore event featuring Darius and Draven.
  • Completing the missions allows you to unlock Darius or Draven for free.

Wild Rift has started adding more contents and quality of life changes into the game. Along with these small patches, they released a new event that features two of the famous Noxian brothers, Draven and Darius. The event “Noxian Brotherhood,” is now live in Wild Rift. Upon completing the event, you will unlock Darius or Draven for free.

Wild Rift 'Noxian Brotherhood' Event

The first canon lore event for Wild Rift, the Noxian Brotherhood, tells a story between two mighty warriors of the Noxian Army, Darius and Draven. Completing event missions will unlock story segments and in-game loots.

Credits: Riot Games

After completing all the missions in the event, you’ll be able to unlock Darius or Draven for free. At the end of the campaign, you will also receive a custom border, “The Might of Noxus,” which you can use to customize your profile icon border in Wild Rift.

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Event Rewards

Upon completing missions, the player unlocks the corresponding story parts and loots;

Mission 1: Story Part 1 and Icon “Noxian Might”

Mission 2: Story Part 2

Mission 3: Story Part 3 and 50 Poro Coins

Mission 4: Story part 4

Mission 5: Story part 5 and Icon “Axes to the Grind”

Mission 6: Story part 6

Mission 7: Story part 7 and Noxian Brotherhood Champion Selection Chest (Draven and Darius)

Mission 8: Story part 8

Mission 9: Story part 9 and 50 Poro Coins

Mission 10: Story part 10

Mission 11: Story part 11

Mission 12: Story part 12 and Icon Border “The Might of Noxus”

Who is Darius?

Darius is the commander of the Noxian army. He excels in the Baron lane as a melee fighter with his kit revolving around making enemies bleed to death. His ultimate gains more damage the more the enemy bleeds, and his ultimate skill’s cooldown resets whenever he executes enemy champions with it.

Who is Draven?

Draven, the glorious executioner, is Darius’ brother, who is a marksman. He throws bouncing axes that he juggles around his enemies. He gains points for catching his axes before it falls to the ground and gains gold depending on how many successful juggles he made before killing an enemy champion. 

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The Noxian Brotherhood event is currently available in the Wild Rift from Dec. 10 until Dec. 23, alongside another event called Rift Rewards, where you get rewarded with skins and champions just by completing missions every week in the game.

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