Free Fire Reached New Heights in YouTube Gaming


Free Fire

Free Fire Reached New Heights in YouTube Gaming

John Dave Rossel
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  • Free Fire is ranked 3rd in most viewed video game content in YouTube Gaming.
  • Free Fire related content garnered 72 Billion Views on YouTube this year.
  • Free Fire League: Clausura 2020 is one of the most watched esports tournaments in YouTube.

YouTube Gaming has just released a few details about what it claims to be its biggest year so far. It has garnered 100 Billion watch time hours and over 40 million active gaming channels, making it the biggest year for video games so far. One of the top Battle Royale games has contributed a lot to this massive milestone of YouTube. This year, Garena Free Fire ranked 3rd on the most viewed video games globally on YouTube, surpassing even the most popular PC games in the market like Fortnite and GTA V.

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Free Fire Reached New Heights 

Recently, YouTube celebrated its milestone in YouTube Gaming after reaching 100 Billion watch time hours and over 40 million active gaming channels.

YouTube released a video showcasing the top contributors for the milestone. In the Top 5 Most Viewed Games section of the video, Free Fire ranked 3rd with over 72 Billion views, followed by GTA V with 70 Billion views, then Fortnite with 67 Billion views. This is quite a huge achievement for Free Fire.

Only Roblox and Minecraft managed to garner more views than the popular mobile Battle Royale title.

Credits: YouTube

The Top 5 Most Viewed Games for YouTube 2020 are as follows;

  1. Minecraft 201 Billion Views
  2. Roblox 75 Billion Views
  3. Garena Free Fire 72 Billion Views
  4. GTA V 70 Billion Views
  5. Fortnite 67 Billion Views

It gets better. One of the esports tournaments for Free Fire has been considered one of the most significant esports events on YouTube Gaming. The Free Fire League: Clausura 2020, a Free Fire esports tournament in Latin America, joined the ranks of the most-watched esports games on YouTube alongside League of Legends’ Worlds 2020 and Call of Duty League Championship. 

Credits: YouTube

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The Most Watched Esports Events for 2020 are as follows; 

  1. Call of Duty League Championship
  2. Overwatch League Championship
  3. Free Fire League: Clausura 2020
  4. League of Legends Worlds 2020

This year is indeed a giant leap for video gaming. Mobile gaming is starting to rise in the ranks and is standing alongside the biggest PC esports games. 

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