MLBB Community Guessing Game, Over 500 Diamonds Up for Grabs



MLBB Community Guessing Game, Over 500 Diamonds Up for Grabs

John Dave Rossel
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  • MLBB-PH Community Heroes announces mini-games for MLBB players.
  • Over 500 diamonds up for grabs in their guessing mini-game.
  • The event is for all MLBB players and not just for Filipinos.

Moonton has been giving away a ton of free skins lately. But what people might not know is that the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) gaming community also has the same thing in mind. An MLBB community page on Facebook, MLBB-PH Community Heroes, is giving away diamonds through mini-games on their page. 

What is the ‘MLBB-PH Community Heroes?’

MLBB-PH Community Heroes is a Facebook page composed of individuals who host community events and tournaments all over the Philippines. Just because it’s a PH region community doesn’t mean only Filipinos can join the giveaways. Everyone who plays MLBB can participate in their small giveaways as long as you follow their instructions and speak English as a common language.

MLBB Guessing Game for Diamonds

The Facebook page has posted two mini-games on their page. The first is “Guess the old item,” where people need to guess the item’s name based on an image of an old item. The winners will be announced in two weeks. This mini-game reward is 200 diamonds and will be given to 5 random players who answer correctly.

Just comment your answer and share the post to make your entry valid. 

The second mini-game is “Guess this hero,” but there is a catch, you’re not allowed to state the right answer. The most creative and funny answer, which gets the most reactions, will win 500 diamonds. Go crazy and comment down on the post, your wackiest response. 

It is heartening to see the MLBB community host giveaways in a bid to attract more fans. The community frequently posts mini-games for their followers so keep your eyes peeled for their upcoming posts for free diamonds.

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