Free Fire Unveils Cosmic Racer Mode



Free Fire Unveils Cosmic Racer Mode

John Dave Rossel
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  • Garena Free Fire unveils new Cosmic Racer game mode, a Battle Royale played on hoverbikes.
  • The gamemode features hoverbikes called Cosmic Crafts which players ride around, fighting to become the last team standing.

Players are currently enjoying the new Operation Chrono update on Garena Free Fire, but it would seem that Garena has a few more tricks up their sleeves. Free Fire has announced the Cosmic Racer game mode, which will be available this Dec.13, 2020. 

Operation Chrono is the latest update for Free Fire featuring Cristiano Ronaldo as a new playable character Chrono along with a whole new universe dedicated to this update. 

Along with the update, a new racing game mode has also been announced on their official website. The Cosmic Racer game mode is similar to the Death Racer game mode, where teams battle it out while riding kick-ass vehicles. The last team riding wins the match.

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The Cosmic Racer Game Mode

The new Cosmic Racer game mode is a 15-team battle royale where teams are composed of two players, the driver and the shooter. The teams ride hoverbikes called Cosmic Crafts all over the arena as they try to survive and become the last team standing. 

Instead of jumping off the plane with a parachute, the team will jump off riding futuristic hoverbikes. 

The match starts with a level 1 vehicle and a SCAR weapon for the shooter. The goal is similar to the regular Battle Royale match, the last team to survive wins. There will be items such as medkits, ammo, and armors scattered across the map. Killing an enemy team also drops their loot, which you can pick up. 

The team’s Cosmic craft is as important as their HP bar. If the vehicle’s HP falls to zero,  it’s game over for them. You can upgrade your vehicle or repair them using powerups. The Cosmic craft has 200 HP while the riders will have 100 HP. Both members of the team share the same HP. 

Credits: Garena

There will be powerups scattered across the map. Collecting them will grant you various buffs depending on the type of powerup you pick up.

  • Yellow Boost upgrades your vehicle level. Upgrading your vehicle level unlocks cosmic boosts and cruise missiles.
  • Green Boost restores a percentage of your vehicle’s health. The shooter also receives a medkit.
  • Red Boost gives random skills and buffs for the team and vehicle.

If the situation calls for a swap, you can request to swap positions with your partner. The swapping has a 5-second delay, so be sure you are in a safe place before switching.

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Along with this new Cosmic Racer game mode, there is also an upcoming game mode called “Chosen One,” which will be available on Dec. 19, 2020. You can check the official website for more details regarding the new update.

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