Activision Officially Cancels CODM World Championship 2020

Activision Officially Cancels CODM World Championship 2020

John Dave Rossel
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  • Activision cancels the CODM World Championship 2020 Grand Finals due to the pandemic.
  • The prize pool will be distributed evenly to the participants.

Activision has canceled the highly anticipated Grand Finals of the esports tournament for Call of Duty: Mobile (CODM), the CODM World Championship 2020. The tournament organizers cited concerns about the players’ safety as the primary reason for canceling this tournament. The remaining prize pool will be evenly distributed amongst the Stage 4: Regional Playoff champions.

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The CODM World Championship 2020 is the first-ever CODM championship tournament held by Activision. The best teams from each regional championship were set to compete for the grand prize pool of $750,000 USD. 

Credits: Activision

The Grand Finals was initially planned to be held in Los Angeles, California. The champion would go home with $15,000 and the title of World Champion.  

Grand Finals for CODM World Championship 2020 Canceled

As the world continues to fight against the pandemic, COD Mobile has prioritized its participants’ health and well-being. Having the participants travel to the live event venue would be too much of a risk for the players, so Activision decided to take the most sensible route, officially canceling the CODM World Championship 2020. 

The fans who were looking forward to the main event were left disheartened by its cancelation. However, almost all fans have stated that it is certainly an understandable decision. They will be looking forward to the next esports event in 2021. 

The prize pool for the Grand Finals will be distributed evenly between the top teams from the regional playoffs of the COD World Championship 2020. 

Activision congratulated the teams who made it to the Grand Finals and thanked everyone for their understanding of the situation. They also stated that they are excited for the future of competitive gaming within CODM and will be keeping in touch with their fans for their plans in the future.

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The eight teams who qualified for the CODM World Championship 2020 were:

  • Rejection (Japan)
  • Influence Rage (LATAM)
  • Tribe Gaming (North America)
  • Kings Clan (Western Europe)
  • Team Mayhem (Others region)
  • T1 (South Korea)
  • NRX JEREMIAH 29:11 (Southeast Asia)

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