What We Know About MLBB: The Staredown Event



What We Know About MLBB: The Staredown Event

John Dave Rossel
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  • MLBB Philippines announced The Staredown Event: A tournament featuring popular Filipino streamers and pro players.
  • A chance to win free skins and diamonds for players who tune in to the event.
  • The event features popular Filipino Boxer Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao.

With the recent news of the popular Filipino boxer Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao becoming an ambassador for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang(MLBB), Moonton is planning another celebrity showdown event featuring the new ambassador himself. The Staredown is an MLBB event featuring popular Filipino streamers and esports professionals who will compete against each other and prove who is the best. At the same time, viewers will have a chance to win in-game prizes like skins and diamonds just by tuning in to the show.

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What is MLBB The Staredown Event

The event is composed of 4 teams with five members each, for a total of 20 participants for the event. The teams are composed of popular Filipino MLBB streamers and pro players, invited to participate and compete against each other for a total prize pool of PHP 200,000 ($10,115 USD). 

The match features a “Challenge System” where teams are given a random set of challenges like No Buffs, No Skin, 10-hero ban, etc. This system imposes more limitations for the team, making the match more unpredictable and exciting to watch as they adjust to the challenge they receive.

MLBB The Staredown Event Giveaways

Moonton will also giveaway up to PHP 600,000 ($30,345) worth of in-game prizes to the viewers, along with MLBB game codes to use and redeem more rewards like skins and diamonds. 

Participating in the giveaways is as simple as tuning in to the show on Wednesday, Dec. 9, 2020, on the official MLBB Facebook Page and voting for the team you think will win. The show continues on December 12 and 19 until the Grand Finals on Dec. 26 to 27. Viewers who voted for the winning team will have a chance to win skins.

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Participating Teams

The participating teams will each have a team captain who will work on their strategy and lead their team to victory.

Azure Dragon

  • H2WO

White Tigers

  • PEIN
  • L3BRON

Vermillion Birds

  • MB
  • YAWI

Black Tortoise

  • YUJI
  • LOU

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