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Wild Rift: Popular SEA Streamers Compete in #FTW Creator Showmatch

John Dave Rossel
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  • Wild Rift announced #FTW Creator Showmatch.
  • The event feature popular streamers from Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand to compete on which region has the best female team.
  • Event starts on Dec. 5, 5pm(THA).

Wild Rift has shown their appreciation towards their fans through various means. Be it free champions or skins and even donating to charity with their Pentaboom Showdown. Now, Riot Games wants to show their appreciation to the content creators who enjoy playing and promoting their game. The official Facebook pages of Wild Rift Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia have posted an event, the Wild Rift #FTW(For The Women) Creator Showmatch. 

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What is the Wild Rift #FTW Creator Showmatch?

The Wild Rift #FTW Creator Showmatch is an event where popular female streamers handpicked by Riot Games from Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines represent their region in a showmatch. 

Wild Rift: Popular SEA Streamers Compete in #FTW Creator Showmatch
Credits: Riot Games

Each team will compete to prove which of the four regions has the most potent female team in Wild Rift. Each participant will broadcast the event on their official Facebook pages.

Teams for the Wild Rift #FTW Creator Showmatch

The Team members representing each region for the event are as follows;





Wild Rift #FTW Creator Showmatch Schedule

You can catch your favorite streamers compete with each other on the set schedule;

December 5: 

  • Indonesia vs Malaysia
  • Thailand vs Philippines
  • Malaysia vs Thailand

December 6:

  • Thailand vs Indonesia
  • Malaysia vs Philippines
  • Philippines vs Indonesia

Details regarding prizes have not been announced. Only the schedule of the event and the participants have been posted on the official Facebook Pages of Wild Rift for the respective regions.

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Catch your favorite female streamers as they battle it out to determine the best team among the four regions. The match starts at 5 PM (THA) and will broadcast live on each participant’s Official Facebook Pages.

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