Free Fire: Endless Oblivion Elite Pass Details



Free Fire: Endless Oblivion Elite Pass Details

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  • New Elite Pass for Free Fire released, Endless Oblivion.
  • The new Elite Pass has a Japanese Spirits Theme in it.
  • 2 new exclusive skins are obtainable in the Endless Oblivion Elite Pass.

A new Elite Pass has come to Garena Free Fire. The Endless Oblivion lets players fight ghosts in this Japanese themed supernatural world as they venture into a portal. 

Endless Oblivion Details 

The new Elite Pass is focused on the theme of spirits and the supernatural, the survivors are sent into a mysterious world where dimensional portals are common and fighting ghosts and supernatural beings is a norm. The players will then get to meet Ray and Abby, members of a group known as the spiritual defenders, who specialize in fighting spirits and threats relating to this spiritual world.

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The story revolves around a spirit portal that opened during a high school soccer match and the souls released from the portal are now possessing innocent bystanders along with their fellow spirit defenders, Lou and Loretta. Now, it is up to Ray and Abby to defend their world and close the portal for good.

Free Fire: Endless Oblivion Elite Pass Details

As the player progresses in the Elite pass rewards, they will receive the main rewards which are two special skins belonging to Abby, the Endless White Bundle, and Ray, the Endless Black Bundle.

Along with the main rewards, there is also a new exclusive skin for the gun M249, in addition to a backpack, surfboard, loot box, machete, and a new paint pattern for the Jeep, all focused around the theme of the Endless Oblivion Elite Pass.

The Endless Oblivion Elite Pass costs 600 Diamonds while the Elite version which has additional rewards costs 1,200 Diamonds to purchase.

Endless Oblivion Free Rewards

Those who purchase the elite skin will receive more rewards such as Legendary Skins featured in the Elite Pass, weapon skin, etc. The free pass owners will still get a good amount of loot by levelling up their Elite pass.

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Here are the free Elite Pass rewards up to level 45;

  • Endless Flame and Oblivion banners
  • Veteran challenges unlocking
  • Two cans of pet food
  • Six Gold Royale vouchers
  • Diamond Royale voucher
  • Oblivion jacket, parachute, and top skins
  • Fragment Crate which contains fragments for either Andrew, Nikita, or Olivia 
  • Fragment Crate with fragments for Ford, Kelly, or Misha
  • Discount coupon
  • Three Evo Gun token boxes
  • 800 Gold
  • Usable scan, which reveals the location of players in the plane and in the game
  • Summon Airdrop
  • Resupply maps
  • Bonfire
  • Bounty token
  • Final reward: Awakening Shard which can be used to awaken characters

The Elite Pass progress is earned by completing missions or by playing for a certain number of minutes every day.

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