CODM: Nikto Going Dark with the Very First Legendary Skin


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CODM: Nikto Going Dark with the Very First Legendary Skin

John Dave Rossel
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  • CODM released a new Lucky Draw, features first Legendary Skin Dark Nikto.
  • New legendary blueprint for .50 GS gun, also available alongside Dark Nikto.
  • Players get one free draw for the new Lucky Draw.

If you enjoy playing as Nikto in Call of Duty: Mobile(CODM), then you’re gonna love this new dark side of Nikto. CODM has released their very first legendary skin, Dark Nikto with additional features to go along with him. 

CODM Dark Nikto Details

CODM has released their highly anticipated legendary skin, Dark Nikto, to the game. This legendary skin along with its interesting features can be unlocked in their new lucky draw, Dark Side Draw. 

Credits: CODM

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Dark Nikto has a lot of interesting features at his disposal. The first one is he can track his kills without opening up any interface that blocks the whole screen with his holographic watch. This way, you won’t have to worry about getting killed while looking through your stats in the game.

He also has a cool looking UAV Scorestrick skin with red neon lights that gives you a cyberpunk vibe into it. He also has the very first parachuting pose for the Battle Royale mode and even a unique and cool in-game character preview

New Legendary Pistol Skin

Credits: CODM

Players can also get a chance to obtain a new Legendary Pistol skin for the .50 GS. It’s a legendary blueprint with a cool death effect to go along with it to match Dark Nikto. This pistol skin is obtainable in the Dark Side Draw alongside Dark Nikto. You can wield two of these pistols with the use of the akimbo perk doubling the threat you can deal against your opponents.

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CODM Dark Side Draw Contents

The contents of the Dark Side Draw are as follows;

  • Legendary character skin- Nikto- Dark Side
  • Epic gun skin- XPR-50-Dark Tech
  • Wingsuit- Dark Tech
  • Legendary charm- Face of Evil
  • Emote- Lord of Death
  • Karambit- Dark Tech
  • Smoke Grenade- Dark Tech
  • Motorcycle- Dark Tech
  • Legendary pistol skin- .50 GS- Calamity

As mentioned, the first draw is absolutely free, so you might be able to obtain Dark Nikto or any item you want on your first try.

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