New Trailer for Wild Rift in Mandarin Released


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New Trailer for Wild Rift in Mandarin Released

John Dave Rossel
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  • Wild Rift gets a new trailer ahead of expanded Open Beta on December 7th
  • Fans speculate that this advertisement is for an upcoming China Server.
  • The advertisement could also be an ad for the upcoming Taiwanese Server for Wild Rift.

Riot Games have been doing a stellar job in promoting their new game League of Legends Wild Rift in various countries, even putting billboards, graffiti, and other large-scale projects that help promote the game. Now, a new trailer in the Mandarin language has been released and fans from all over the internet had mixed reactions to it. 

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The Mandarin Wild Rift trailer started airing on Dec. 1 and has since gone viral in the Wild Rift communities all over the internet. Fans have caught up to this news and have started speculating that China will have its own server soon. 

Is Wild Rift Releasing in China?

Earlier in August 2020, Riot Games successfully registered a Trademark for their game, Wild Rift, in China with the National Intellectual Property Administration. However, this does not mean the game has been approved for release in China. Due to this, Chinese players who want access to the game have started using VPNs to play the game in the SEA Servers. 

League of Legends is one of the most popular games in China. The game currently has over 29 different servers in China alone due to the massive player-base in the region. With a game this popular, its mobile counterpart, Wild Rift, is expected to eventually be accessible to China soon enough for the Chinese fans of the game to enjoy. 

Riot Games is still working on processing Wild Rift’s approval for release in China. This is only the first step, The devs are doing their best to make the game accessible for Chinese players.

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The Mandarin Wild Rift Trailer was for Taiwan

Taiwan is one of the regions that will be granted access to Wild Rift this coming December 7 Update along with other regions such as Vietnam and Oceana. Because of this, fans of the game have begun speculating that the Mandarin Wild Rift trailer was merely a trailer of the game for the Taiwanese players for and not for China. Riot Games is expected to provide more information regarding the Chinese version of Wild Rift in the near future.

Riot Games has been very busy with Wild Rift’s Pentaboom Showdown and the upcoming December updates which will add new features to the game along with making it accessible to more regions.

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