MLBB Mega Diamonds Event: Players Can Win 300,000 Diamonds

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  • MLBB Mega Diamond Event Released.
  • New MLBB event gives you a chance to earn 300,000 Diamonds in a raffle.
  • Everyday is a new chance of winning in the event.

Moonton has yet again released another big surprise for its players. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang(MLBB) Facebook page has posted a new in-game event, the MLBB Mega Diamonds event. You’ll get a chance to earn 300,000 Diamonds that you can use to purchase skins in the game. 

What is MLBB Mega Diamonds Event?

The event works like a raffle system. Players can pay 10 Diamonds for a Rare Skin Fragment and choose their number combination. If the player can’t decide a combination, there is a number randomizer that gives you a random number combination that you can use. You can have up to 2 pairs of number combinations each round. Each round lasts from 0:00 to 22:00(server time) during the event. After each round, winning combinations will be announced and prizes are given.

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MLBB Mega Diamonds Event Details

Players can spend 10 diamonds to get a Rare Skin Fragment and a chance to choose a number combination. Players can choose 5 numbers between 0-49. The numbers cannot be repeated. 

Each round of the event lasts for one day. There are three phases each round: 

  • Purchase - players purchase up to 2 number combinations.
  • Announcement - Winning Numbers are drawn via in-game live stream.
  • Settlement - The rewards are distributed to each winner.
MLBB Mega Diamonds Event: Players Can Win 300,000 Diamonds
Credits: Moonton

The price per number combination is 10 diamonds. Players can only purchase twice per day. If you recharge once during the purchase phase, the price of the first number combination you purchased will be reduced to 1 diamond.

The announcement phase lasts from 22:00 to 24:00 during the event. Players cannot purchase or set their number combinations during the announcement period. Winners will be announced via in-game live stream. 

The prizes depend on your numbers that match the winning numbers.

  • First Prize - 5 matches
  • Second Prize - 4 matches
  • Third Prize - 3 matches
  • Fourth Prize - 2 matches
  • Fifth Prize - 1 match

You get one score for each time you purchase a Rare Skin Fragment from the Mega Diamonds interface to get a chance to set a number combination for the raffle. After you get 2 points, you get 1 free participation for the next round. 

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If no one wins the first prize in a round, the prize will be accumulated in the next round. This will continue until someone wins the first prize. Don't miss out on this chance to earn diamonds in the game. Participate in the MLBB Mega Diamonds Event. 

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