Teleportation Portals Might Be Coming To Free Fire Soon



Teleportation Portals Might Be Coming To Free Fire Soon

John Dave Rossel
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  • Free Fire advanced server released teleportation portals.
  • The update is only for the advanced server of Free Fire.
  • Teleportation portals allow players to teleport to the sky and glide down to reposition.

Free Fire offers an incredible gameplay experience with less memory space and fewer resources needed to run allowing those with lower-end devices to hop in and join the fun. Garena has been updating its popular game Free Fire with a lot of new updates and features to enhance the game and make it unique and fresh. The developers have come up with the idea of bringing teleportation portals into the game. These teleportation portals allow you to teleport back to the sky and reposition yourself to drop from a different location.

Image via Garena

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How the Teleportation Portals Work

Upon entering the teleportation, the player will be teleported back to the sky where you can re-select where you want to land. Gliding is a good way to reposition yourself without getting too much attention from enemies.

With the teleportation portals, players can escape from enemy ambushes and can organize a strategy to counter the enemy team’s ambush. They can use this to their advantage along with buildings with rooftops to reach higher ground and spot enemies easier. The portals are definitely handy as emergency escape routes or to set up an ambush on unsuspecting players. 

One of the other uses for this feature is that, if the safe zone is in a very far away location, players can use the teleportation feature to glide closer to the zone more quickly.

Teleportation can currently only be found in the following locations:

  • Graveyard
  • Peak
  • Hangar
  • Kidney Nam Village
  • Sentosa
  • Keraton
Garena has not yet announced whether this feature will be added to other maps other than Bermuda. This feature is currently only found on the Bermuda Map, and cannot be found on the Kalahari or Purgatory maps. This feature is also not present in the Classic or Ranked modes. It can only be found in casual mode.

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This feature is also only available in the Advanced Server of Free Fire and is not yet released to the public servers. 

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