Garena Free Fire Brazil Partners With Google to Host Play On Challenge Event

John Dave Rossel
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  • Garena Free Fire and Google partnered to host Play On Challenge on Brazil.
  • The event features popular streamers and esports professionals from all over Brazil.
  • The tournament has 48 participants devided into 12 Teams with 4 members each.

With the Free Fire Championship Series coming to a close later this weekend, Garena has already announced their plans for the upcoming season. Garena has partnered with Google to host “Play On Challenge” a Free Fire tournament in Brazil. 

Garena Free Fire Brazil Partners With Google to Host Play On Challenge Event
Credits: Google

What is the Play on Challenge

Play on Challenge is an event where Google partners with game companies and handpick popular streamers and professional athletes from a specific region to compete with each other for a grand prize. These events are region-specific, previous regions include Taiwan and South Korea.

We are very excited to have an event in partnership with Google Brazil and also to be able to deliver an incredible experience to our players and fans of Free Fire, being the most passionate that we have in the world of electronic sports " - Fernando Mazza, Head of Operations from Garena Brasil

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Free Fire Tournament Details

The tournament will start on December 12 and will be live-streamed on the official youtube channel of Free Fire Brazil. This tournament is exclusive to the country Brazil. The tournament will feature popular streamers and content creators along with professional esports athletes from all over Brazil featuring Nobru and Cerol, popular Brazillian streamers.

12 teams are invited by Garena and Google to participate in this event. The 12 teams with 4 team members each, totaling 48 participants will compete in this event. The invitations are given based on players’ region, gender, and race, to represent the diversity of the Free Fire community in Brazil. Brazil is the third country to receive the Play On Challenge tournament. Previously picked countries were Taiwan and South Korea in 2019.

The list of participants is yet to be announced by Google or Garena. The only confirmed participants are esports professional Nobru and streamer Cerol.

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Videos related to Free Fire have been viewed over 100 billion times since 2017, on YouTube. Brazil is one of the biggest regions that has contributed significantly to help the game reach this milestone. So it is no surprise to see Google deciding to host their next ‘Play On Challenge’ event in Brazil with Garena Free Fire as their featured game.

The event prize pool is yet to be announced, more details will be posted by the organizers in the upcoming days.

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