PH Esports Organizations Preparing for Wild Rift Esports


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PH Esports Organizations Preparing for Wild Rift Esports

John Dave Rossel
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  • PH esports organizations recruiting potential Wild Rift professional athletes.
  • SEA esports organizations are preparing for future Wild Rift Esports tournament.
  • Omega Esports, Liyab Esports and NRX Gaming announced that they are building their own Wild Rift Esports team.

Several esports organizations in the SEA regions have started picking up Wild Rift esports rosters anticipating Riot Games’ esports circuit in the future. In the Philippines, at least three esports organizations are looking for candidates for their Wild Rift Esports teams. 

Organizations Building Wild Rift Esports Teams

Omega Esports, Liyab Esports, and NRX Amazons have recently posted on their Facebook pages, looking for potential players to join them in their Wild Rift teams.

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Omega Esports

Omega Esports posted on their Facebook page that they are looking for Wild Rift players who have experience in competing in video game tournaments and are skilled in a few MOBA games like DOTA2, Mobile Legends, and Warcraft. Omega esports is known for their MLBB esports team who is currently participating in the MLBB The Nationals Season 2.

Liyab Esports

Liyab esports, (formerly named Mineski Esports) is known for being interactive with their fans. They play with their fans in many of their League of Legends streams, often discussing new update changes and suggesting tips for their fans.

The team announced that they will be preparing for a Wild Rift Esports event. Information on how to apply for their team is yet to be posted so interested Wild Rift players will have to wait for the next announcement. Fans have started commenting their IGNs and their current ranks. 

NRX Gaming

NRX Gaming announced the search for their Wild Rift team NRX Amazons. The team is specifically looking for female Wild Rift players. Fans admired their idea of building an all-girls team and are excited about who will be the members. NRX Gaming is known in the Philippines for their clan “NRXGAMING”, one of the top clans in CODM. 

So far, the said esports organizations have yet to announce their team roster for Wild Rift esports. Fans are eager to hear more from them in regards to their new teams. 

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Riot Games has been quiet in regards to a potential esports scene in the future. The game is still in the beta phase. They have been focusing on balancing and optimizing the game for mobile devices in preparation for their December update which will make the game accessible to 8 more regions.

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