Bangkok Gets To Taste Wild Rift's Honeyfruit IRL

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  • Riot Games sets up stalls around Bankok to give Honeyfruits to people.
  • The fruit is described to be a herb with chili, some chocolate, and marinated with some sauce.
  • Fans from around the world demands that Riot Games to host similar event like this in their country.

League of Legends: Wild Rift has taken Bangkok, Thailand by storm. People have been seeing Wild RIft graffiti on sidewalks that glow in the dark and now, Riot Games set stalls around the streets of Bangkok where they gave curious bystanders a taste of Honeyfruit, an iconic fruit from their popular game League of Legends.

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What is Honeyfruit?

Honeyfruit is a type of fruit from League of Legends that spouts from specific parts of the map and can be consumed to regenerate health and mana. According to the lore, Honeyfruits are edible fruits that are native to the land of Summoner’s Rift. These fruits possess healing properties and are used to brew health potions. 

Wild Rift Honeyfruit Craze in Bangkok, Thailand

League of Legends: Wild Rift Thailand posted a promotional video about their event with the caption “Some say it tastes as sweet as victory Some say it tastes as spicy as a game-changer at the last moment”. This has sparked the curiosity of their fans who are looking forward to tasting a real-life version of Honeyfruit.

A popular shoutcaster and content creator from Thailand, “UKNI,” posted a vlog showing one of the venues of the event. You can see from the video that the area is packed with people lining up to be served with Honeyfruit.

Bangkok Gets To Taste Wild Rift's Honeyfruit IRL

Riot Games set their stalls around various locations in Bangkok, Thailand.

During the event, bystanders who happen to pass by and fans who heard the news, lined-up to try this mysterious fruit. People described it as a herb with chili, some chocolate, and marinated with some sauce. Some people say they can’t exactly describe what the fruit tastes like while some actually liked it. 

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After the event, League of Legends: Wild Rift Thailand posted a video detailing what people think about the fruit. In this video, people were asked about the Honeyfruit’s taste.

The event has gone viral on social media with fans from different regions now demanding Riot Games to host these events in their countries as well, stating that they too want to taste the honeyfuit. Riot Games hasn’t said anything regarding this matter but fans outside Thailand are still hopeful for their very own Honeyfruit event.

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