4 More Champions Coming to Wild Rift According to Unofficial Sources


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4 More Champions Coming to Wild Rift According to Unofficial Sources

John Dave Rossel
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  • Unofficial sources revealed 4 new champions to be added in Wild Rift.
  • Teemo has appeared in a Wild Rift cinematic despite not released in the mobile game.
  • Riot Games has not officially confirmed the rumours.

Recently, rumours started surfacing around the League of Legends: Wild Rift community. Leakers claim that 4 new champions (Teemo, Diana, Draven, and Darius) will be available in the next patch update. 

Currently, there are 47 playable champions. Riot Games is preparing the game and making it available for regions Taiwan, Oceania, Vietnam, Europe, Middle East, Russia and CIS, North Africa, and Turkey this upcoming December patch.

The Four New Wild Rift Champions

According to unofficial sources, the new champions are;

  • Mage/Marksman: Teemo, the Swift Scout

  • Assassin/Mage: Diana, Scorn of the Moon

  • Marksman: Draven, the Glorious Executioner

  • Fighter/Tank: Darius, the Hand of Noxus

Unofficial sources also said that on top of the 4 new champions, new skins will also be released on the upcoming December patch update.

Teemo the first to be added?

Discussions around this news also made players believe that Teemo will definitely be added soon. In the latest Wild Rift cinematic, Teemo was featured. However, he is still not playable in the game. He has also appeared in the Chinese Version of Wild Rift on QooApp's website. This sparked people’s curiosity, discussing theories as to why Teemo is still not in the game despite him being in the Wild Rift Cinematic along with champions who are already released.

Credits: Riot Games

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Who are Diana, Draven, and Darius


Credits: Riot Games

Wielding her Crescent Moonblade, Diana fights for Lunari to bring back its former glory. Diana is a melee mage assassin who can easily get up close and personal with his targets. Attacking 3 times in a row gives her an attack speed buff.


Credits: Riot Games

Drowning in his own egoistic self. Draven seeks appreciation and adoration from his audience as he goes on a bloody rampage with his spinning axe in the arena. Draven is a marksman who gains adoration stacks whenever he catches his axe, kills minions or turrets. After killing an enemy champion, he gains bonus gold depending on how much adoration stack he has. 


Credits: Riot games

The pride of Noxus, Darius will always believe that his cause is just and will cleave his way through anyone who stands in his way. His attacks give Hemorrhage debuff and once you have bled long enough his ultimate skill “Noxian Guillotine” will finish you off in one full swing.

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7 new champions have been added to Wild Rift before the game entered the Open Beta stage along with the KDA skins. Since then, there hasn’t been any official news of adding more champions into the game. 

So far, all the official updates are about item and champion re-balance. No official statements about new champions for Wild Rift have been released by Riot Games. So take these rumours with a grain of salt. 

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